alibi game morning meeting

These Morning Meeting Activities encourage creativity and problem-solving. Detective, can you figure out who did this?). Their alibi needs to include going to three different places and how they got from A to B.

Whoever answers correctly first advances to first base. Inspector Bullfrog is one of our favorite morning meeting activities because it’s silly and fun! This repeats, and as the first ball gets about halfway around the circle, pass another ball to student one for him/her to start tossing too.

(E.g., The trash can was knocked over.

I created two weeks of Morning Meeting Greetings, Shares, Activities, and Messages that you can do over Zoom or Google Meet.

Let me know in a comment.

Paper Plane Challenge: Set a specific and measurable goal/challenge for your paper airplanes to meet (goes furthest, stays in air longest, etc.)

Check out, please ⇒ ⇐, No public clipboards found for this slide. Business English Alibi Game (Past Perfect/ Past Continuous) Photocopiable Worksheets Page 1- Rules of the game Rules of the game: Yesterday at 2:35 pm a laptop with very important data on it was stolen from a manager’s desk.

1. , so you have all the Morning Meeting plans you need for the whole school year! Then, the detective goes around the circle, and everyone comes up with an alibi that tells why they couldn’t have committed the crime and were innocent. If you are looking for trusted essay writing service I highly recommend ⇒⇒⇒ ⇐⇐⇐ The service I received was great.

When students move to home base, they get a point (they keep track individually) and go to the back of a line. The short answer: yes, it can! Have one of the police teams stay in the classroom they are in now and send the other police team to the other classroom.

The Suspects: Choose two strong students to be the suspects and ask them to head out into the corridor or the second classroom.

This famous ESL activity for adults encourages lots of speaking, listening and your students will also be writing notes. We’ve done this with index cards, tape and paper, manipulatives, and so much more! I love getting to know you! I don’t do them often, but I will include a STEM or STEAM challenge in our Morning Meeting plans now and then!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes we just need a dance party!

Play as long as you’d like! Keep playing and advancing students - the student on first base will move to second, etc.

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