am i responsible for a utility bill that is not in my name

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Members, Good Jobs Bad Jobs In The Gig Economy Perspectives On Work, Precarious Work, Insecure Workers: Employment Relations In Transition, History Of Organic Agriculture In The Philippines. I'm confused on the whole thing, as technically, there are two accounts in his name, one for his, one for mine. After that, it's against the law for that collector to contact you about that debt. Patagonia Fanny Pack, (I am … Tara Evans, from This is Money, replies: In simple terms, you are not liable to pay the bills.

Out of nowhere I received a bill today, for my brother's account, account 2, for his home, not mine, for $5000. It's best to let the collector know the debt isn't yours, provide proof of any payments you made, or request validation from the collector. You can stop a debt collector from calling you with a simple cease and desist letter. Colours Reef, In 2020, for example, debt collectors can't report debts from 2012. My housemate is still giving me hassle about money owed for bills. The amount of effort you put into disputing the debt depends on how much action the debt collector can take against you for the debt based on the credit reporting time limit and the statute of limitations for your state. Including utilities as part of the rental price can make your property more attractive and convenient, as it takes the responsibility off the tenant. How Long Is 1 Month In Space, Before living with a new partner, work out issues like whose name the utility bills will be put into and how these bills will be handled if a breakup occurs. The basic fact is the person with the name on the contract with the utility company is responsible for ensuring that the bill gets paid. Let’s get social!

If the utility company that provides water and sewer are a private entity, the unpaid bills may go to collections in the name of the previous owner and not the property. I live in Texas and it seems like when he shut his account, he may have given them my name and details so they could tag the debt onto me, but surely since his name is on the accounts it's up to him? Some links in this article may be affiliate links. Several years passed, and I assumed everything was fine. :-). Here's a hint, if the utility won't provide you with a copy of the bill for Account 2, because you are not named on the bill, then it's not your bill. Until they prove it, you shouldn't receive any calls, letters, credit bureau updates, or lawsuits.

After my Dad passed, my brother took over (squatter) living in the home and ran up a hefty electric bill.

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Even though the debt isn't yours, you want to have the best legal defense possible. If the lease states that the Tenant is responsible for all utilities associated with the Property, then the water bill is their responsibility. Takeaway Franchise, If the situation has reached the point that bailiffs are knocking at the door requesting to sequester property, immediate action is required. Maison Thai Restaurant Whangaparaoa, You have the right to an accurate credit report, which means you can dispute collection accounts that don't belong to you. If we all could escape paying legitimate bills simply by not giving our name to … I would think all that matters is who's NAME (not whose address) is on the bill/contract. This will enable service to continue while the past due amount is repaid in an affordable manner. I told them I did not live in that home and that I paid my bills for my apartment every month. He may also have used credit cards. He's refusing to do so since he doesn't want the debt, even though it's his. Get a copy of your credit report from all three major credit bureaus—Experian, TransUnion, Equifax—and verify whether the collection account has been reported. Their logic is 'Well since one person owns two accounts for two seperate properties, we'll just shut it off on the property which payemts are up to date for' I didn't even think they could do that? Professor Plum Story, Irish Water Commencement Notice,

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