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Before we start talking about JIRA integration, we will have a quick overview of both the tools – Katalon Studio as well as JIRA. It bundles with Selenium framework and stable web-drivers implementation to save time on installation. Based on your JQL, Katalon Studio will sync all the JIRA test cases. You can select the default JIRA project and issue type for submission here. It will allow you to write the test cases’ description and stories in Gherkin syntax. Viewing reports in multiple formats with advanced logging and screenshots. Selecting this option will append the test case execution details to an existing JIRA issue. Katalon Studio offers a JIRA add-on. Click on the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. 6) The syncing process now done and now you can go to ‘Tests Explorer’ of Katalon Studio to check if the JIRA test cases have been synced properly. See below screen shot as an example: Based on your preferences in JIRA integration settings, the summary, screenshot, and logs will be populated automatically in the above screen. It has dynamic failure handling and auto re-execution feature. One add-on / app we’ve used with multiple clients to solve issues effectively and efficiently is Automation for Jira. Automation for Jira frees your team to focus on what’s important: development and releasing shippable products and serving your customers.
Recording and generating the tests automatically using recording utility and keywords. Here, a sub task of an existing JIRA issue will be created. With limited scripting, you can get a full automation … If you want to read in depth about JIRA, you can refer to STH JIRA Tutorials. Search for ‘Katalon BDD – Test Automation for JIRA’. JQL is JIRA Query Language used in the advanced search. The execution log will be included in the submitted ticket. For example, if you want to see sorted search results, you can use ORDER BY clause in JQL query. You will get below screen: 4) Select ‘Katalon Gherkin’ and click on next. From the left-hand side of the page, click on ‘Find new add-ons’. Let’s have a brief description of each of these options: In this case, a new issue will be submitted to JIRA. It also allows building advanced test scripts and doing.
The suite … It is simple to use, with cross-platform support and built-in JIRA integration. We are rather interested to learn about Katalon integration with JIRA. The latest test execution results and artifacts will be presented right on the issue page. The major benefits of JIRA add-on are: Click here to get the Katalon BDD- Test automation for JIRA add-on. The settings will be available for configuration. Using, JQL syntax, Katalon Studio test execution result can be queried from JIRA. @Hano Maizo Thanks for stopping by and posting your comment.

Providing interchangeable codeless & coded test design. The syntax is as below: Where the status value can be ‘PASSED’ (the automation tests have been executed successfully), FAILED (the automation tests have been failed at certain steps), INCOMPLETE (the automation tests where one or more steps have got left unexecuted), ERROR( the automation tests in which some errors occurred). First up, we’ll create a rule in Automation for Jira …

5) Once you click on ‘OK’ in step 4, you will be asked to choose the destination for new issues. You can setup projects, create tests, run tests, view reports and maintain tests very easily using Katalon Studio. The tutorial explains in detail how to submit Jira bugs automatically with information generated by Katalon Studio. Upon clicking, you will be displayed a list of linked JIRA issues corresponding to the Test Case. If you’d like to learn more about Issue Templates for Jira … => Visit Here For Complete JIRA Tutorials Series. We have 3 submitting options – ‘Create as New’, ‘Create as sub issue’ and ‘Link to Existing Issue’. It is very easy to integrate Katalon Studio with Jenkins, GIT, JIRA, and qTest using the built in plugins. Currently, only JIRA server is supported. It can execute tests using multiple configurations and data sets. Below are the details of submitting options: In the latest Katalon version (4.7), we also have a submit option – ‘Automatically submit test result’. Now, we will add and submit an issue to JIRA. Follow these steps to add the Gherkin Custom field: 2) Select Fields -> Custom Fields and Click ‘Add Custom Field’. Supporting page object, data-driven testing, BDD to increase productivity. You can either specify the location manually or Katalon will automatically generate a default location. Now, thanks to Issue Templates for Jira and the addition of Active Directory Attributes Sync on Server, covering the whole onboarding process takes us no longer than 10 seconds. 7) Click on ‘Submit’ button to finish adding the Gherkin custom field. Click on connect button. 5) Once you have selected the submit options, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ button to complete the JIRA integration setup. To explore more on Katalon Studio you may refer below STH posts: As most of us already know, JIRA is one of the best tools to plan, track and release great software. Click on ‘OK’ Button. It is widely used by agile teams. A sample JQL is shown in below screenshot.

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