belly band kydex holster

Actually, it is so much more complicated! Under Arm: rotate to position the firearm under your arm, along the side of  your breast for great concealment. Shop our collection today.

The Belly band has helped me solve so many issues like how to carry without printing and scaring other moms when on playdates and How to carry safely and use the restroom or try on clothes with two toddlers in tow. array(4) { We are making adjustments to the belt so hopefully, by the end of the year, it will fit revolvers better. What fits our hips, does not fit our waist. Both wouldn’t stay up, drift down especially if your walking briskly of jogging. When using belly bands and under wraps, holster your gun prior to … Rob Pincus demonstrates the benefits of the BROWE Combat Optic, the advanced sight that is perfect for use in live combat, on security patrol, or in certain cases, self-defense in the home. Reminds me of the old star trek show phaser belts. Get in and out of the car with ease. i, Modern day Batman utility belt . This is the first time I’ve seen an improvement on the old style. There are no additional fees for the user to use affiliate links, the price is the same price as advertised by the seller. I have been there and remember all of these feelings well.
Starting your journey as a new gun-owner is intimidating, overwhelming and can be downright scary. Give it a week to allow your body time to get used to the feeling of more material hugging your body. Not unless you have a concealed carry mindset. I carry a 38 revolver in mine and sometimes my smart phone too. (You may want to think about wearing a tank under your band to help with sweat control. Just as The Well Armed Woman brought you the first soft 4″ band, we now bring you the ultimate in comfort. Women have some unique challenges to effective and safe concealed carry such as: holster locations on our curvy bodies, a variety of clothing styles that can make concealed carry challenging and the way a woman lives out her life. Although the information on the website has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, it is provided on an "as is" basis without a warranty of any kind. This is your one-stop place to find ideas for great outfits for everyday concealed carry. One very important aspect of purchasing any new holster, and something many don’t think about, is that you will have to get used to it. Women have long been ignored and I am here to foster change and increase the perceived importance of women in the industry. We now offer a kydex shell for the pocket of your corset or belly band wrap. Traditional belly bands are comfortable, but relatively slow and hard to train with, but this model of the belly band holster integrates kydex and uses hook & loop fastener to allow for the band to be used with multiple firearms or other defensive tools. }. Belly band holsters hold your gun in what I call the Sweet Spot. I can’t tell you how excited I am about Concealed Carry for Women: An Online Course! This is is the large area on your body that encompasses your entire midsection from under your bust to the bottom of your hips. bool(true) No more are the days when your belly band is freyed and torn up by the velcro. ["post_type"]=> You must be used to the movement so you are able to do it successfully in a high-stress situation without pointing the muzzle of your gun at any part of your body. If you are unsure and would like added security, we have a solution. Wear it running errands!

I will tell you the reasons to carry a backup gun and how you can start doing it! I’ve tried a couple “ cheap “ belly bands. Concealed carry for women is not as easy as it may seem. The belly band really is kept in place through how tight it is wrapped around the body, our natural curves, and the use of the outer garment (belt, draw string, etc.). I got it a bit bigger to wear down on my hips under the waistband. Notice how no matter how much walking, sitting, and moving you do – your holster stays put!

There is no risk of it coming off or dropping to the floor. Another option for a holster when not able to wear a belt or looking for deeper concealment is the use of a holster with a Fabriclip. I forget I have it on. We do sell a Kydex trigger shield that goes with the soft holsters, maybe this is what you are referring to? Because your gun is on you and not clipped or secured to your waistband The gun is always on you and will not falter no matter where your pants are. This lets you change holsters without having to change holsters! That is why I created this online course. string(4) "post" Incorporating any new holster into your daily carry will require some getting used to. Comfort is subjective. I understand the frustration and I understand the need to carry concealed successfully. But, I’m intrigued by the modularity of this system. int(1) As with all holsters, you must practice drawing with an unloaded gun. When it comes to comfort, there is no other hoster that recieves more feedback about comfort than the belly band holster. 888-732-5011 stuff is all made to order and is top notch. Each shell is vacuum formed to fit to your specific firearm. Clint’s quote is very revealing as it is important to understand that concealed carry for a women inevitably means making some physical adjustments and concessions. Hi Laurie, I have used the Crossbreed Ohai in my vehicle’s console (the same holster used in the belly band) as well as in a Maxpedition Versipack and I really love the option of being able to pull it out of the bag and put it in my console while traveling and then back into the Maxpedition when I arrive at my destination. A Belly Band Holster is great for any time, anywhere! I love my belly band. When carrying within this Sweet Spot, your gun is within easy reach and can offer quick access to draw your your gun. Because of all of your thoughtful responses, I was able to put together these common issues and tips for women of every shape and size. Backup carry, what is it and should I be doing it? You can see this product by clicking here, Your email address will not be published. Check out this PDN video for more information on that option. Especially when you go from a sitting position to standing? We have curves.

Any comments? Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account, Tactical Shooting Drills & Handgun Training, Personal Protection Devices, Tools and Accessories, Clubs, Shooting Facilities & Associations, Problem Solving on the Range: Refining Shooting Position.

Great idea I;m going to have to get one for summer carry I also like the way you can adjust the angle of your firearm as I have found for me at least my gun tends to either poke me in the stomach or the leg when I sit down while carrying this way.
“Carrying a gun isn’t supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort” – Clint Smith  If you want to know more about women gun-owners and their behaviors in 2019, you’re in luck! The key is to ALWAYS keep your gun holstered and on you. I think my main concern would be perspiration, and constant moisture adjacent to the firearm. Brilliant idea. All of this great information is used to help improve and shape the firearms industry. I’m sold on this if it stays quiet. Related videos: Problem Solving on the Range: Realistic Engagement…. One of the great benefits of a belly band holster is that you do not have to worry about where to place your gun when you are using the restroom! This belly band doesn’t have any tacky material on the inside. The Well Armed Woman collects photos showcasing real women who carry in real outfits. We also incoroporated removable panels, so choosing your size online is now that much easier! Magnetic Waistband Leather Holster Black or Brown, Women & Guns: The Basics – An Online Course, Concealed Carry for Women: An Online Course, Current Students: Women & Guns: The Basics, Current Students: Concealed Carry for Women: Online Course, Concealed Carry for Women of All Body Types, How To Dress For Concealed Carry – Photos & Tips. The next generation of belly band is here! This website originates from within the United States. Hips: You can wear this holster low around your hips to provide an In-The-Wasitband carry position in any location around your hips – appendix, small of the back – wherever is most comfortable for you.

It is its versatility. A place where you can learn all there is to know about our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and our Second Amendment. There are so many things you need to know about concealed carry and I am here to help! ["thumbnail"]=> Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for information purposes only and is provided solely as a guide to assist you in forming your own opinions. There are belly bands that use small velcro patches, hook and eye loops, clips, etc. Whenever you are training for defensive shooting, you should try to maintain a natural and neutral stance with your feet about equidistant from the target and your weight forward. The Crossbreed Gen 2 belly band has a double velcro attachment that “sandwiches” the gun/holster even better than the original and is definitely one of (if not the) best in class when it comes to belly bands. You will have access to your panties and have both hands free! (The Comfort Carry Holster has safety tabs to assist you) Keeping your muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your finger along the slide of the gun, slowly slide the firearm into the holster.

I wear a back brace much of the time and is basically the same materials and application. You have a gun and you know how to use it, so you’re ready to carry concealed… right? Or even when you twist your torso from side to side? I bought 2 of those, love them and can’t find out where I ordered them from? Right now a revolver that size will not fit. The Well Armed Woman Trigger shield is a piece of hard kydex that can be slipped into soft holsters such as belly bands or pistol pouches to provide you the barrier you need to be safe and feel safe! This course will help you start your journey with a great base of knowledge and an idea of how to progress. Hy Lynne, Wear it to work and you don’t have to worry about the firearm digging into your thighs when sitting. Concealed carry for women poses some important questions and challenges. string(4) "post" This can be a great place of concealment if you are more endowed up top.

While running, you won’t have to worry about a flopping holster because this one is like a second skin.

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