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The power efficiency of a compressor is the ratio of the air delivered by the compressor and its input electrical requirements. This is the three-phase formula for determining motor horsepower including the addition of the 1.73 in its proper place.
The brake horsepower can be determined from the following equation: (7.53) BHP = 0.0857 Z AVG 1 k Z 1 k − 1 k Q g T 1 η m η a kn p k − 1 P 2 P 1 k − 1 kn p − 1. where: BHP = brake horsepower per stage. A power factor less than one indicates that the two are not perfectly in phase, so the actual power the motor is working at is not what it could be if the voltage and amperage were perfectly in phase. View Newsletter Archives », © 2009-2020 Lewis Systems and Service Company. To increase the rpm and cfm of the blower, the motor pulley size must be increased.

Have you been wondering why some people are so successful, seem to have everything in life? The higher power factor is always more desirable. When using the percent efficiency in a math formula, it must be used as a decimal fraction. Success Compressor [Piston & Screw types] Workshop. If a motor such as a compressor motor does not state the motor horsepower, then this formula will also work to determine the rated or actual operating horsepower. GHP = W x H p / (33000 x Eff p) Power requirement. These motor formulas and related information are also basic to understanding energy consumption, power consumption by motor-driven devices, and the motor side of performing energy audits. Compressed Air and Vacuum - Sales & Service, Greensboro • Lynchburg • Rocky Mount • Charlotte | Servicing VA, NC and SC.
Unlike pure resistive circuits like electric heaters and incandescent lights, motors operate with strong magnetic fields present. Single-phase hp = E x I x Percent Efficiency x PF/746. Special price on parts [Original & Replacement], " A ship in port is safe; but that's not what ships are built for ", Pre-Owned Screw Compressors' Parts -- Heat Exchangers.

Percent Efficiency Compressor Coolant for Rotary Screw Air Compressors. HP = TQ x RPM ÷ 5,252 HP = (435.8 x 4,000) ÷ 5,252 = 331.91 P2 = Desired pressure.

Centrifugal Compressor Power Calculation using Polytropic head. Nothing is 100 percent efficient and motors are no exception. Air conditioning systems often use motors with a SF rating of 1.15. A common service factor on motors is a SF of 1.15. Some motors such as air conditioning and refrigeration compressor motors do not state their motor horsepower. The power factor listed on a motor is very useful to the technician when making motor horsepower and current calculations.

Visit our updated, This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. The gas power is directly proportional to head and mass flow and inversely proportional to efficiency. The calculation shows the motor to be operating slightly more than one horsepower under the 5 hp rating.

The amperage is less than full load so the motor is not working at the 5 hp it is rated for. This is what gives the three-phase motor its superior starting and running power and eliminates the need for start capacitors and start relays to remove a starting winding as is often necessary with single-phase motors. If a motor such as a compressor motor does not state the motor horsepower, then this formula will also work to determine the rated or actual operating horsepower. P2 = 125 + 14.7 (139.7) P1 = 85 + 14.7 (99.7) C2 = 448.39 Total CFM requiredWe need an additional 128.39 CFM to … Since the rpm and cfm are directly proportional, the two are interchangeable in formulas. Voltage Visit our updated, Emerson Motor Technologies: FRACTIONAL HORSEPOWER MOTORS, GE ECM by Regal-Beloit: Fractional-Horsepower Motor, Emerson Motor Co., Division of Emerson Electric Co.: REPLACEMENT MOTORS, Troubleshooting & Servicing Electric Furnances. The power required for adiabatic (process without transfer of heat) compression of air can be expressed as. Heat in a motor is lost efficiency. This rule will not work for applications other than comfort cooling air conditioning applications. The service factor can also be multiplied times the FLA of the motor to give the absolute highest operating amperage the motor should be allowed to operate with. If a motor has bad bearings and cannot start, the proper terminology for that condition is to say the motor has stuck or frozen bearings. If the motor name/data plate information such as the rated voltage, rated FLA, rated efficiency, and listed power factor are placed in the formula, the resulting answer will be the rated horsepower. A motor with a high service factor is used in applications where the load may vary and may occasionally result in an unexpected overload in horsepower. The motor will draw more than the rated FLA when it attempts to operate at more than the rated horsepower. Service Factor Efficiency usually is expressed as brake horsepower per 100 cfm of delivered air. Hello & Great Morning from Penang, Malaysia. Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) Contact your local rep. He can be reached at For example; a 10 hp motor with a SF of 1.15 could actually provide service for a short time up to 11.5 hp. A higher efficiency motor wastes less power to heat loss and may run less to get the same amount of work accomplished than a lower efficiency motor. This is a safety factor and is not to be considered a part of the motor's normal useful horsepower. These simple calculations can be used to solve motor installation and troubleshooting problems in a variety of applications. Let’s try the torque at 4,000 rpm and see if the horsepower computes properly. Three-phase motors use the same calculation as was used for single-phase motors with one addition to the formula. Therefore the horsepower formula includes both voltage and amperage. The motor may be operated at any voltage within 10 percent of the design voltage. Notice that the voltage times the amperage in the top of the formula not only gives the wattage, but the wattage is then multiplied times the percent efficiency and the power factor. Discuss with Lewis Systems Audit Professionals the potential benefits of an energy audit in Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Greensboro NC and Lynchburg VA. 9300 Stockport Place • Charlotte, NC 28273, 140 North Business Ct • Rocky Mount, NC 27804, Get promotions, news, and helpful tips. Please click here to continue without javascript.. Top 3 Tips for Increasing Your Indoor Air Quality Sales. The 1.73 is the square root of the number 3 for the three phases. This number multiplied times the rated horsepower gives the actual horsepower the motor could operate at in an emergency. The technician who works with blowers and blower motors and makes adjustments to correct airflow quantities must understand the relationships between the various elements involved.

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