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"[61] Co-written by Roy Hargrove, "Spanish Joint" is a salsa-infused, high tempo track about karma. [101] The infamous music video for "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" helped in boosting the song's appeal, as well as D'Angelo's. "[13] A video for "Send It On" included footage from Voodoo's supporting tour.

The result is superb smoke, but smoke nonetheless". 1, Top 40 Official UK Albums Archive: 26th February 2000, 0 Billboard Music Charts: Feel Like Makin' Love, Billboard Music Charts: Untitled (How Does It Feel), January 24, 2000 Vol. [43] Recording engineer Russell Elevado's analog mixing and old school production techniques contributed to the album's jazz element and vintage sound.

[34] In a 2002 interview, he told critic Jim DeRogatis about his role in recording Voodoo and being a part of the Soulquarians, stating "I tried to do all in my power that I could to bring people together – to bring Common to Electric Lady, have him record here whenever so that he could record with some of these other artists. [13][17], For Voodoo's sessions, D'Angelo appropriated most of the instruments on the album's songs, contributing with drums, electric guitar, keyboards, and percussion. When I listen to this album, I hear Prince, I hear Curtis Mayfield. [56] The song's theme also incorporates religious imagery into its message of social strife.

"[20] He also found contemporary R&B to be "a joke", adding that "the funny thing about it is that the people making this shit are dead serious about the stuff they're making.

"[110] Steve Jones of USA Today wrote that "no other R&B artist today seems to have as acute an understanding of where he comes from as D'Angelo, and none seems as willing to take risks in exploring where he should be heading". Les 500 plus grands albums de tous les temps selon Rolling Stone, Coproducteur ?uestlove lors de la création de l'album, https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Voodoo_(album_de_D%27Angelo)&oldid=175225411, Album enregistré aux studios Electric Lady, Article manquant de références depuis juillet 2015, Article manquant de références/Liste complète, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, "Chicken Grease" (Archer/Poyser/Thompson) - 4:38, "Feel Like Makin' Love" (McDaniels) (Reprise de, "Greatdayindamornin'/Booty" (Archer/Hunter/Stone/Thompson) - 7:35, Russell Elevado - Ingénieur du son, Mix, Dominique Trenier - Producteur Exécutif, Steve Mandel - Assistant Ingénieur du son. In kind, Voodoo has become not only massively influential, but a perfect example of how one can integrate their own influences. [31] In an interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune's Shawn Rhea, D'Angelo attributed the album's experimental and jam-like atmosphere to the fact that most of Voodoo was recorded "live and its first take". [19] The theme of "Africa" concerns the finding of a spiritual home amid geographical displacement, and of passing that sense of belonging on to one's children.

[19][50] Most of its production was influenced by hip hop producer J Dilla's input. "Devil Pie", produit par DJ Premier, est une diatribe hip-hop et funk sur le culte de l'argent, qui apparait dans un premier temps sur la bande originale du film Belly, mais sous une forme légèrement tronquée. Bien que des titres comme "Left & Right" mirent en évidence l'apport musical de Jay Dee, ce dernier ne fut pas directement impliqué dans la création de l'album. [6][10], After spending two years on tour promoting Brown Sugar, D'Angelo found himself stuck with writer's block.

First and foremost, D’Angelo is a student of artistry and music. Every single song has a character and a strong feeling that radiates from it.

[13] Recording sessions for what ended up on the album began in 1998 and continued through to 1999.

Hands down. [11][12][15] A dedication to his son Michael and daughter Imani was included in the album's liner notes, which were co-written by D'Angelo and writer/musician Saul Williams. His vocal collaging intrigues me'". [10] During the tour, female fans yelled out for him to take his clothes off, while others tossed clothes onto the stage. & Rakim's song of the same name (1987).

[19] Although tapes were sent via FedEx between the two, the collaboration was aborted and the song was instead recorded by D'Angelo. "[19] Questlove discussed his expectations of a reaction from music listeners to the concept, saying in an interview for Entertainment Weekly upon the album's release, "We knew this album would be a hard pill to swallow. [76] However, Voodoo's unconventional sound proved difficult to translate into singles suited for contemporary radio success, in contrast to the more accessible Brown Sugar. [18] As Questlove recounted, "Money was definitely overweight by '96, so they got him a drill sergeant physical trainer Mark Jenkins. "[42] Christopher John Farley of Time called it a "richly imagined CD". Produced primarily by the singer, Voodoo features a loose, groove-based funk sound and serves as a departure from the more conventional song structure of his debut album, Brown Sugar (1995).

They were really deeply, deeply invested in what they were doing. Music lovers come under 2 umbrellas [...] those who use it for growth and spiritual fulfillment and [...] those who use it for mere background music. They feel so natural, creative, and intuitive at the same time. Composé d'un groupe nommé Soultronics, (créé pour l'occasion par Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson du groupe The Roots) mais aussi de troupes de danseurs et de joueurs d'instruments, ce fut l'une des tournées les plus attendues de l'année. [54], However, some critics found it inconsistent. [54] He found it to be in the tradition of classic jazz albums and wrote of its musical significance, stating: As most jazz aficionados will already attest to, a truly classic record is not one you can turn on and off as if it were only a switch. There’s a feather boa, a few badass leather coats, and Questlove's mighty Afro. Voodoo is a crown jewel of the soul movement from my 20s. The company is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its Web site for all people with

It was named one of the year's best albums by numerous publications. Uncomfortable with his new place, D’Angelo rejected his celebrity and virtually disappeared.

To say it was an education is certainly an understatement. [4] D'Angelo also covered Prince's "She's Always in My Hair" for the Scream 2 soundtrack (1997), as well as the Ohio Players' "Heaven Must Be Like This" for the Down in the Delta soundtrack (1998).

The golden-era Prince vibes of the song excited me about the prospects of the whole record, and I was already a D’Angelo fan. According to writer Keith M. Harris, it portrayed D'Angelo's "discursive play with masculinity and blackness".

Après la sortie de Voodoo, D'Angelo se lança dans ce qui deviendra l'une des plus grandes séries de concert de soul de l'Histoire : le "Voodoo Tour". [96][97] The latter was commercially aimed at R&B and hip hop-oriented radio stations due to the prominence of rappers Redman and Method Man on the track. But that doesn't mean this is for everybody. And makes everybody that isn't black want to be a part of that feeling, of being black so badly, if only for a time, just to have that real, true black experience of our music, and our culture, and of being a part of something so soulful... so smoky... so earthy...and so gorgeous... that when that artist sings their song, black people everywhere look at everybody else with that knowing look in their eyes, their heads cocked to the side like, 'Yes, we have a secret and the secret is, yeah...it's good to be us. So, when you listen to Voodoo, you’re listening to so much more than just a collection of songs. [I]f I was a singer this would be the record I'd make. [127] AllMusic editor Andy Kellman has cited Brown Sugar and Voodoo as "two of the most excellent and singular R&B albums of the past 15 years". All they wanted him to do was take off his clothes.

"[10] Although some were cancelled due to D'Angelo's throat infection during the tour's mid-March dates,[140] many shows were cancelled due to his personal and emotional problems. [19] One critic described C. Edward Alford's guitar work for "Africa" as "backward guitar solos (at least they sound backward)". That’s such a difficult thing to achieve. [116] Rolling Stone and Spin magazine both ranked it number 4 on their "albums of the year" lists, while Time magazine named Voodoo as the number 1 album of 2000. D'Angelo effectua des concerts à travers le monde, l'un des plus notables par la qualité de la performance fut celui donné au Free Jazz Festival au Brésil.

This process is a musical form of Voodoo, which Sir D'Angelo discovered while making this record, and hopes you will too.

The album moved me, but to see it live took it to a whole other level. [61] Another critic described the song as a "lullaby" and "a gorgeous, opalescent closer ... a prayer of sorts". I think the engineer was saying, the softer you play, the more low-end frequencies you actually bring out of the drums. Working with a retained accessibility consultant, it is planning to implement over time the [19] It has been cited by Questlove as his favorite song on the album. [45] According to music critic Steve McPherson, the concept results in "no linear way to measure how far off things slide before they pull themselves back ... can't be measured in beats or fractions of beats in a meaningful way. I remember when Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life came out, and I remember when Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall and Thriller albums came out. To me, the fact that he was both a student and such a gifted talent is why he was able to create something as original and impactful as Voodoo. [16] In a press video accompanying the release of Voodoo, D'Angelo suggested that he was attempting to create a new sound for him that was in transition. It was like the opposite. It kind of had the same texture of beats and production, but it also had the feeling of live music. The video alone could make the song one of the biggest of the coming year". You have the best musicians all playing very tastefully. It has a super organic feel, versus something like horn parts in Earth, Wind and Fire or Chicago or anything like that, where it’s super precise and arranged and in the pocket. '[39], According to Questlove, a duet track by D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill, "Feel Like Makin' Love", was planned. The idea was to sound disciplined, but with a total human feel.

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And then the sun came out right in the middle of “Spanish Joint.” We were all just absolutely blown away.

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