death on the nile 1978 costumes

A reprint of one of Anthony Powell’s costume sketches shared on Twitter by Emma Fraser (@frazbelina) suggests that Powell had envisioned “cream silk tussore dyed to the deepest cream of old tussore” for Poirot’s similarly colored lounge suit that he would wear while carrying out his investigation aboard the Karnak. Despite the difference in stature, both Ustinov’s Poirot and Christie’s literary creation share an approach to dressing that, as she described in Murder on the Orient Express, was “neat, spruce, and dandified as ever.”, The idea of Poirot vacationing in off-white aligns with Christie’s descriptions, as she outfits the Belgian detective in white duck suits while ostensible on holiday in both Evil Under the Sun and in The Mystery of the Blue Train. I may receive commissions for certain purchases made through links in these posts. The domed crown has a single-grommet ventilator hole on each side with a wide puggaree-effect around the base though this is supplemented by a thin brown band around the base. Even Death on the Nile includes moments along the Karnak‘s passage up the Nile where Christie pointedly describes Poirot’s “white silk suit, carefully pressed, and a panama hat,” and later, at Ez-Sebûa, his “white suit, pink shirt, [and] large black bow tie.”. For the eponymous Egyptian voyage in Death on the Nile, Peter Ustinov’s Hercule Poirot supplements his fussy everyday wear of wing collar, bow tie, and spat boots with the adventurous garb of a summer-weight Norfolk-style jacket and pith helmet. Through his work with the Film Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Niven’s personal batman was a young private named… Peter Ustinov. Per the Norfolk jacket’s sporting origins, the back of the Poirot’s jacket has an inverted box pleat that would allow him a greater range of arm movement. Like the four buttons on the front and the two on the belt, these buttons to close the pockets are covered in the same fabric from which the rest of the suit was made. After making the acquaintances of the newlywed Doyles and their jilted ex-pal Jackie, Poirot now wears a navy blue bow tie with somewhat larger and more spaced-apart white polka dots, arranged in alternating rows. Plot: After a woman is killed on a cruise down the Nile, it is up to Hercule Poirot to find who is responsible. Though impractical and somewhat clumsy as field-issued military headgear, the pith helmet found an audience among European tourists and explorers traveling through these warmer climates who were able to shade themselves from the sun under the lightweight helmet’s wide brim. In fact, it was my communication with Ms. Hallay that inspired me to take a look at the dignified detective at the center of it all: Peter Ustinov’s inaugural appearance as Hercule Poirot. For hot days under the Egyptian sun, Ustinov’s Poirot is enveloped in cream summer-weight silk, possibly a linen and silk blend as suggested by the subtle slubbing on the cloth, which shines under certain light. Our first look at Hercule Poirot, processing the encounter he just overheard. For all intents and purposes, BAMF=Badass Men’s Fashion until a more thoughtful retcon can emerge. The large patch pockets on the hips also close with a single-button flap.

All Rights Reserved. Poirot slyly suggests to Andrew Pennington (George Kennedy) that he’s aware of the gregarious attorney’s embezzlement… while unknowingly planting murderous plans in Pennington’s head.

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