how old is kakadu national park

Kakadu National Park is located a three-hour drive east of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory. Join some of the free activities throughout Kakadu, including daily art site talks, walks, cultural activities and night-time slide shows. Kakadu National Park is renowned for the richness of its Aboriginal cultural sites.

Kakadu National Park is linked to Darwin by the Arnhem Highway and to Pine Creek and Katherine by the Kakadu Highway. Bought and built things In 1862 John McDouall Stuart travelled along the south-western boundary of Kakadu but did not see any people. It is difficult to assess the impact of these settlements on the local Aboriginal people and the type of relationship that developed between them and the British. Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre.
Nutrient-rich soils along with an abundance of water and sunlight make the floodplains an area of prolific plant and animal life. The estuaries and tidal flats are home to an array of plants and animals adapted to living in the oxygen-deficient saline mud. 2007. Estuarine crocodiles do not have these scutes and their snout is broader.

The skins were then sold to make leather goods. [19] These areas form microclimates for plants and animals and often serve as a refuge during the dry season. Cahill was particularly successful.

Kakadu's dramatic landscape, Aboriginal cultural significance and diverse and abundant wildlife are what visitors are drawn to. [16] The iconic frill-necked lizard has also significantly dropped in numbers. All the nuns and girls were waiting for us. It wrecks the place. The land trusts have leased their land to the Director of National Parks for the purpose of a national park for the enjoyment and benefit of all Australians and international visitors. Indigenous heritage comes alive through the paintings that line the walls of these ancient galleries, sharing a vivid narrative of ancestral stories.

Kakadu National Park is a protected area in the Northern Territory of Australia, 171 km southeast of Darwin. The pastoral industry made a cautious start in the Top End.

In 1953, uranium was discovered along the headwaters of the South Alligator River valley. I mean, mining worry me. The rest are publicly held and traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. Pastoralism in these areas first began to produce a meagre return in 1907, for George Cooke at Goodparla, and in 1937, for Joseph Callanan at Gimbat. There are many beautiful waterfalls and gorges within the park that are popular with visitors, such as Maguk, Gunlom Falls, Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls. Hides were taken to local waterholes and cleaned before salting. Abel Tasman is the next documented explorer to visit this part of the coast in 1644. All of Kakadu is declared a national park under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. [15], Waterbirds include large populations of magpie geese, wandering whistling ducks, green pygmy geese, comb-crested jacana, black-necked stork, Australian pelicans, little black cormorant, Australian darter, nankeen night herons, pied herons, black bittern, sarus crane and brolga.[15].

For more than a decade, Koongarra’s key traditional owner, Jeffrey Lee fought to prevent mining in his ancestral lands.

The town of Jabiru has several accommodation options, a service station, police, a medical clinic and a shopping centre with a range of outlets.

Mangroves serve as feeding and breeding grounds for many fish species including the barramundi. Water buffalo had a large influence on the Kakadu region as well. He was generally unenthusiastic about the region, finding the country low, dreary and flat, although the mangroves supported vast numbers of waterbirds. Morse, John, John King, and Jennifer Bartlett.

Spencer may have had in mind the German word "kakadu", meaning cockatoo. Most of the hunting and tanning was done towards the end of the dry season, when buffaloes congregated around the remaining billabongs. to belt us over the backside, cutting us all up because we were late. Indigenous heritage comes alive through the paintings that line the walls of these ancient galleries, sharing a vivid narrative of ancestral stories.

Many of the park's sites are accessible by standard two wheel drive vehicles, but areas like Twin and Jim Jim Falls and Gunlom require four wheel drive vehicles. Fires in northern Australia are less threatening than in southern Australia as many of the trees are largely fire resistant while other plants simply regenerate very quickly.

In 1953 uranium was discovered along the headwaters of the South Alligator River valley. Hallo, möchten Sie diese Seite auf unserer deutschen Seite ansehen? The Chinese, Malays and Portuguese all claim to have been the first non-Aboriginal explorers of Australia's north coast. A national park was first suggested in the region in 1965 at a time when Australians were becoming more interested in declaring national parks for conservation and in recognising the land interests of Aboriginal people. Some of the stories connected to these artworks are known only to certain Aboriginal people and remain secret. Their main aim was to harvest trepang (sea cucumber), but they also collected turtle shell, pearls, pearl shell, timber and buffalo horn for Asian markets (Press et al. Visitors can experience Kakadu National Park with a recognised tour operator or they can drive themselves. He followed Jim Jim Creek down from the Arnhem Land escarpment, then went down the South Alligator before crossing to the East Alligator and proceeding north.

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