how to read water meter

How to Restore Faded Hazy or Yellowing Headlights by Wet Sanding and Polishing. Wearing gloves is an additional option for added protection from hot lids or from boxes that have become natural homes for wildlife, including insects, frogs, and even snakes. You will notice the first MOVING number wheel is moved between 8 and 9. Using Your Water Meter to Find a Leak Each full number is one gallon in this case, so if the sweep hand moves from 3 to 4 as shown with the arrow, that is one gallon of usage.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. 100 cubic feet of water is equal to 748 gallons of water. If you suspect a leak, keep monitoring over a long period of time. You can also determine the amount of water used over the course of an event, such as an irrigation cycle.

If your Leak Detection Test (Section 1) indicated a continuous leak, consider using the Isolation Method to discover the leak location. Similar to a gas meter, water meters record a property’s water usage for billing purposes.Most residential properties will have a water meter installed that measures water usage in kilolitres (KL) or cubic metres (M 3) with 1KL and 1M 3 equal to 1,000 litres. Did you make this project? You should read your meter too.

The digital meter needs light for activation so you may need to shine a flashlight on it. The printed zero is actually replaced by the location of the sweep hand for actual usage, troubleshooting, or testing. The odometer wheel will be centered and counted as whole. A 0.1 gallon per minute leak wastes 4,320 gallons per month. Regular reading of your household meters (water, electric, or gas), will make you a more educated consumer, and will put you in a position to ensure your meter is properly read by the utility company. Locate your water meter. When the large sweep hand moves from one number to the next (e.g. The display alternates between the meter read and the flow rate.

You’re charged per cubic metre of water used (one cubic metre is 1,000 litres), so in most cases we’ll only need to record the black digits when taking a meter read. Most meters are located in your front lawn or near the curb or sidewalk, though some can be in a side yard, or even your back yard.

If this is the case, you may need to contact your provider or start with the visual inspections in Sections.

Some leaks may only appear at higher pressures and “disappear” during lower pressures. A brief description of both methods follows. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is not fully centered on 9 yet, and the sweep hand is on 6.5, so it is counted as 8. The digital meter needs light for activation so you may need to shine a flashlight on it. The meter read equals the gallons (or cubic feet) used while the flow rate equals the number of gallons (or cubic feet) per minute flowing through the water meter.

On larger meters, there could be two or more printed zeros represented by the sweep hand. The display alternates between the meter read and the flow rate. They are most often housed in concrete boxes underground with heavy steel covers that are bolted shut and labelled “Water” for ease of identification. See my other instructable for instructions on how to use it to determine if you have a household leak. A water meter is a device that measures the volume of water delivered to a property. Wait 20 minutes then read your water meter again and record the numbers.

Record your water use intermittently and keep a log of your usage.

Follow the steps and we'll show you how this is determined and how to read your own meter accurately. Observe the low-flow indicator.

are you sure ?ı will not forgive them never ıf its realy !!! Reading the last TWO digits, one moving and one fixed is 86.5 gallons. It will always be the larger number. Observe the sweep hand. The purpose of the Isolation Method is to isolate different sections of the plumbing in and around your home. Meter type 2 Read the black numbers from left to right, then read the red dials in clockwise order. Example: 34,215 cubic feet of water was used since the date of installation.

2 years ago When the sweep hand reaches directly on "0" it will then count as 9. However, be cautious as insects, reptiles or other small animals occasionally take residence inside the boxes. A water meter is an instrument that monitors water consumption at homes and businesses.

Download our Leak Check document for more information on checking for household leaks. If you are comfortable turning valves on and off, go to Isolation Method for Continuous Leaks (Section 4). When the large sweep hand moves from one number to the next (e.g. The display alternates between the meter read and the flow rate. Shut-off valves may fail or break if they are old or corroded. This update in technology provides WUM customers with an extremely accurate usage calculation of water consumption and further eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, or air pockets. This saves writing or entering insignificant numbers. If they bill to 10 gallon increments, they would read only the moving white and black wheels for a reading of 53580. One cubic foot is 7.48 gallons. The meter read equals the gallons (or cubic feet) used while the flow rate equals the number of gallons (or cubic feet) per minute flowing through the water meter.

Some water meters measure water in gallons while others measure in cubic feet. A complete rotation equals 10 gallons or 10 cubic feet depending on the unit measured. Do not use water or operate any water-using devices in or around your home during the test.

The meter “box” will include a metal or plastic lid that reads “Water” or “Water Meter.” To remove the lid, use a long metal screwdriver, and pry gently from the side of the box.

In this case it is in GALLONS.

This helps with water conservation practices and in identifying water leaks ahead of time. There will be two different numbers that display on your meter. All Rights Reserved. Contact your local water conservation office, Some water providers lock the lids of residential water meter boxes. Check your water provider's website for more information. You can determine how much water you typically consume over a period of time by keeping a simple log.

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