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President - Amy Fan - They understand the unique pressures that high-achieving students place on themselves: pressure to achieve high grades, grasp at larger-than-life career aspirations, and a rich social life. Professional Development Chair Frank Buquicchio. After graduation, Lauren worked in corporate marketing and coached college debate. Lauren Pope (class of ’17) is one of the Honors College’s many success stories. Some journal editors say it's OK, How an immunologist pivoted to tackle COVID-19, Herd immunity? On Saturday, Lauren Pope—a biology Ph.D. student at Stanford University—received an email detailing a “graduate student compact” she’ll be required to sign before she can register for the fall semester.

They are grateful for the personal, professional, and academic benefits they gained.

Immunology 2nd year. Lauren Pope (class of '17) is pursuing a Ph.D in Biology at Stanford University. Lauren Pope 2nd Year PhD Student Dixon Lab Stanford Biosciences NSF GRFP Fellow San Francisco Bay Area 413 connections © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. Immunology 2nd year. ), “On a basic level, I think the primary motivation is that [universities] recognize that there is risk associated with having people on campus and they are worried about lawsuits and the financial fallout that could accompany successful lawsuits,” says Kevin McClure, an associate professor of higher education at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Many honors alumni remember the pressure of college deadlines and exams.

Prior to arriving at Stanford, Lauren produced The Search for Summer, a portrait of three Bay Area women with chronic illness and/or disability. The Honors capstone project carries students towards success at JMU and beyond.

Lauren Popell | Department of Art & … : Important University Updates Amid the Pandemic. Lauren graduated from Bates College in 1994 with highest honors in Rhetoric, an interdisciplinary major focusing on persuasive strategy in speech, debate, and documentary film. But it’s unclear whether that’s because the language is not objectionable or because students haven’t read the language closely.

“I don’t think it’s right for universities to shift responsibility for this to individuals, especially if it’s the case that individuals didn’t have the ability to make the decision about whether or not they are exposed or at risk of exposure.”. Lauren was a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow for the American Society of Plant Biologists in 2017 and completed an internship at Corteva Agrisciences before starting graduate school at Stanford …

Pope—who serves as the coordinator for the university’s student advocate support network—is working with other graduate students to push the university to further address concerns about the compact and the steps the university is taking to keep them safe.

The Honors capstone provides students with the unprecedented opportunity to follow their passions.

Full Court Press is a portrait of an inner-city high school basketball team with academic dreams. They also recall that the Honors capstone experience helped them find that balance through smart project objectives, clearly defined systems and processes, and careful time management. Flowers and Bones focuses on the Americanization of the cultural celebration El Dia de los Muertos. from Harvard University, and continues to study and teach students about the positive attributes of campus diversity.

The culmination of students' academic work, the Honors project comprises significant research or creative endeavor, working closely with a faculty mentor. I encourage you to take the capstone opportunity and run with it. A portrait of California's only live-in rest stop caretaker, Jerry Morissette, and his struggle to restore the rest stop and his own spirit. © 2020 American Association for the Advancement of Science. . “Or prior to signing them … try to get a better understanding of what [you’re] being asked to sign.”, At Pennsylvania State University, such pushback efforts were successful. SUMMARY: Honors alumni reflect on the challenges and rewards of the Honors capstone project.

Those are very different things.” Coombs would like to see greater transparency on the part of the university. Lauren Grace Pope(born 29 September 1982)is an English model, television personality and DJ.

She immediately took issue with the document her university is requiring students to sign, specifically this statement: “I understand that I am assuming the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 and that such exposure or infection of COVID-19 is inherently dangerous.” It’s “very much contractual language,” she says. 1.2m Followers, 751 Following, 1,170 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lauren Pope (@laurenpopey)

“We don’t … understand the extent of how this could impact us legally; we’re just scared because we know it could.”, As universities across the United States move to reopen campuses, a number of them—including Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, Emory University, the Ohio State University, and others—have asked students to sign similar agreements. (At Stanford, graduate students are permitted on campus but undergrads will learn remotely and only a select few can live in campus housing. Lauren Pope. That isn’t the case for Coombs, the child of a lawyer. Students conceptualize, develop, and complete an original work in the area of their choice. Professional Development Chair Lilit Grigoryan. Success isn’t easy, but the future depends on graduates like Lauren Pope and Holly Millet. .

The Art & Architecture Library is a key resource to faculty and students. The university initially asked students to attest that they “assume any and all risk of exposure to COVID-19 that may result from attending Penn State.” But after student complaints, last week the administration altered that language. All JMU Honors students define success differently, and there are as many avenues to accomplishment as there are people in the program. Holly Millet (Class of ’15) seized her opportunity to write a thesis on the identity challenges faced by first year students. She left the series in March 2019. Speech of Angels explores the healing power of music and the ways in which hospitals are increasingly incorporating its use.

She heard from other grad students that someone who works in her building tested positive for COVID-19, but the university didn’t inform her directly, she says. A superior high school GPA and a record of exceptional service may net a student an invite to the JMU Honors College, but completing the program requires perseverance, dedication, and the motivation to go above and beyond.

Yet their success is built on a foundation of passion and commitment. This can put graduate students who need to be on campus to perform their research in a tricky situation—and one potentially made worse on campuses getting much more crowded with the arrival of undergrads.

CURRENT CMB PROGRAM TRAINEES 2019: YEAR OF ENTRY TO STANFORD UNIVERSITY Joleen Cheah Department: Biology Research Title: “TBA” Advisor: Pending Publications: In Process Joel Erberich Department: Biology Research Title: “TBA” Advisor: Dominique Bergmann Publications: In Process Sarah Frail Department: Biochemistry Research Title: “TBA” Advisor: Pending Publications: In Process

“They aren’t asking us if we understand the risk. The document now states that “even with the mitigation steps taken by Penn State and my compliance with this Compact, I acknowledge that Penn State cannot prevent the risks of exposure to COVID-19.”, Administrators at Stanford have also been paying attention to student feedback, sending an email to the grad student community at 11:36 p.m. on Monday. “A lot of the grad students in my department just clicked on it and didn’t read the whole thing,” says Rachel Coombs, a biology Ph.D. student at the University of Pittsburgh, which issued its compact on 6 August. The Honors capstone project is one way for students to take advantage of their academic opportunities and make a good life for themselves and others. On Saturday, Lauren Pope—a biology Ph.D. student at Stanford University—received an email detailing a “graduate student compact” she’ll be required to … “We received feedback from a number of you that makes it clear that the tone came across as harsh and the lack of contextual information for the compact raised serious concerns,” wrote Susie Brubaker-Cole and Stacey Bent, the vice provost for student affairs and the vice provost for graduate education and postdoctoral affairs. Learn how you can make a gift today. James Madison University’s Honors College is for top-tier students who set the bar for academic achievement. Lauren Pope 3rd Year PhD Student Dixon Lab Stanford Biosciences NSF GRFP Fellow San Francisco Bay Area 423 connections “There need to be some protections for the students’ rights.” Stanford didn’t respond to specific questions about the university’s policies, but a spokesperson wrote that the compact “incorporates the State of California's guidance … which prescribes the necessary conditions for colleges and universities to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.”. Individuals of minoritized identities face more challenges that should be addressed in higher education -- and she wants to create paths for a change. All rights Reserved. Today she says that her capstone project helped her find discipline, resilience, and grit. Stanford University is one of the U.S. institutions asking students to sign compacts agreeing to the university’s COVID-19 policies.

She’s also received notices that common areas in her building were being closed for cleaning because of potential coronavirus exposures, but she didn’t get any more information about where infected people were in the building. Whatever the topic, a student’s Honors capstone carries them toward success. Until it does, she’s not sure whether she’ll sign. At Stanford, Lauren has team-taught "Engineering 103: Public Speaking" for two quarters, served as the Coordinator for the Graduate Women's Network, and taught rock climing through the Redwood Club. “They will only tell you if you’ve been in close proximity with someone who winds up testing positive.” Her fears are now growing as undergrads have started to return to campus. “If you’re asking me to assume the risk, then I should have access to all of the information to determine that risk—and we certainly don't have that.”, McClure advises students at any universities requiring these types of compacts to tread carefully before signing.

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