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Sign Up for a Free Pilot Digital Literacy The highly anticipated new Digital Literacy course in the… Read More, Learning Upgrade’s Remote Learning Action Plan Watch our Webinar Free Pilot Signup Learning Upgrade enables students to remotely self-enroll into standards-based math and English courses using smartphones and devices.
Children of low literate parents have a 72 percent chance of being low literate themselves.

As learning and development professionals, it is our job to create training that is on-demand and available for mobile devices. Instructors onboard adult learners into the smartphone app, and each learner starts completing lessons to meet individual learning needs. Providers celebrate learner success and the Challenge rewards the top providers, instructors, and learners. Teachers working from home can place students with special needs or gifted students at different levels and then track progress and reward success. Instructors can then track learner progress to monitor activity and motivate learners. Imagine a day when we can give each one of them a simple, easy-to-access method to learn reading and math, even if they cannot attend classes or meet a tutor. Only five percent of these adults have access to the education services needed to… Read More, We’d like to thank all of you who participated in the XPRIZE Communities Competition. The Learning Upgrade App has over 1000 musical lessons that are engaging, fun, and effective. Join one of our semester challenges and earn prizes for your Learning Upgrade activity. Only five percent of these adults have access to the education services needed to… Read More As fast as today’s workplace is changing, I believe the need to reskill employees should be a higher priority for companies. Join the challenge today! The ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge will award prizes to the top program and top instructor based on the percentage of learners who have completed the most hours. It’s why my company has seen a dramatic spike in requests for micro and modular learning opportunities. Wir regen die Bereitschaft zu lernen an und hinterfragen konstruktiv alte Handlungs-paradigmen.

It is not financially or logistically possible to train enough teachers and tutors to scale up and meet the needs of these adults that need our help the most. Can I join the challenge if I’ve never used Learning Upgrade? Only five percent of these adults have access to the education services needed to improve. However, it can become expensive to develop these courses in-house.

Available on the web, smartphones, and tablets. After feedback is gathered to improve best practices, the Challenge cycle starts again with a new semester. Yes, programs can participate in multiple cycles of the Challenge. Learning Upgrade was proven and validated in a field test of 12,000 adult learners, and produced the greatest gains pre- and post-test on a standardized reading assessment. Education providers can join challenges through their associations and receive access to the program. The first cycle starts on January 1, 2020. With a go-anywhere app, low literate adults can learn anywhere at any time. Consider adopting a “design thinking” model for learning and development. During each cycle, new providers can sign up for the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge and receive instructor training to get started. Although place-based education is highly effective, even at full capacity, we can only reach 5% of low literate adults. Instructors then onboard their adult learners into the Learning Upgrade app, and each learner starts completing lessons to meet their individual learning needs. Forgot Password: Teachers: Call or email us, see our email/phone at the top of this page Students enrolled at school: ask your teacher for your username/password Join the challenge today! Digital Literacy is a new course within the Learning Upgrade app which gives learners comprehensive instruction in digital technology. are registered trademarks of Learning Upgrade LLC. The Learning Upgrade Challenge will provide a platform for states, regions, organizations, districts, and more to motivate and encourage education providers within their ranks to enroll as many adult learners as possible. Cameron Bishop is the CEO/President of SkillPath, a leading provider of learning and development solutions for business professionals.…. The Learning Upgrade Challenge will bring education providers together in competitions to see who can log the most adult learner literacy and math progress each semester. Yes, please note on your form that you’re new to Learning Upgrade. With the influx of millennials and Gen Zers moving into leadership positions and technology advancements in the workplace, the old approach to training has diminishing returns. The Learning Upgrade Challenge comprises three 4-month cycles. The Adult Literacy XPRIZE was a $7 million global competition challenging teams to develop a mobile app that would result in the greatest increase in literacy skills among a participating group of adult learners in just 12 months. Many learning opportunities require the help of a facilitator to guide learners through the training, but that doesn't mean that technology can't be a part of the program. The answer to providing a scalable education solution is a smartphone learning app. These adults rely on their smartphones and always have them with them. Yes, ProLiteracy will post a leaderboard on a biweekly basis with the top three programs, instructors, and learners. Our goal with the Learning Upgrade Challenge is to transform the lives of 1 million adult Learners, and provide a path for education providers to reach out to the 36 million low literate adults in the United States. While the technology we have allows us more freedom than ever before, we cannot allow it to blind us to the fact that having current, relevant and effective content should always be our main goal to serve our employees and make them better skilled and more productive and engaged. If you currently own Version 6.0 with an active license, you may choose to upgrade to the new materials.

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The Challenge There are more than 36 million adults in the United States that lack basic English literacy skills and basic numeracy skills. Fill out the form below to stay up to date with the Learning Upgrade Challenge. Education providers, instructors, and learners can join the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge to compete for rewards based on activity during each challenge trimester. Because technology is evolving work demands and the employee skills needed to cover them. Most impressively, the Learning Upgrade App produced gains greater than what learners would have experienced during a year of classroom study alone. The Learning Upgrade Challenge is a competition that will transform the lives of 1 million adult learners. Ready to start transforming lives? Yes, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign-up and indicate that you are already using Learning Upgrade. With the help of Challenge partner organizations and competing education providers, the Learning Upgrade App can continue to change lives.

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