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That's fantastic! Nits are measured by how much light from the TV goes directly into your eyes in any given direction. That’s right – candles are still the base unit of light measurement, and if you’re screen-shopping, you’ll probably come across the “nit” unit, which tells you how much candlelight per square meter your screen can emit. The Lumen is defined from the Candella, a topic that we covered for the first 1000 NITs smartphone, the LG G7. Nits can be important if you plan to use your device outdoors often (or if there’s a head lice outbreak, or if you’re very picky), but are just one element of a high-quality screen.

You've decided to leave a comment. Satu Nit mewakili lebih banyak cahaya dari 1 ANSI lumen. The whole thing that makes these TVs better is that they can show brighter brights and true black. Because this is a per-square-meter measure, screen size and nits aren’t related. Older TVs probably fall in the ~100-nit range, but most modern non-HDR displays fall in the 200 to 500 range. For a more visual presentation of these issues, I recommend watching this video: Filed in Photo-Video. Again, though, you can’t go wrong getting more nits if you have the option to. Laptops and PCs are mostly indoor creatures, so they don’t need to be as bright. For photography purposes, we can set the sensor right in front of the subject and measure the LUX number at that point. If you skipped down to the end of that hoping to find the super-simple summary, here it is: If you’ve ever tried using a dim device on a sunny day, you’ll understand why nits matter. Candelas, Nits, and Lumens 101. Lumen vs Lux • Lumen is the measure of the luminous flux and is defined as the luminous flux from a light source of one candela through a solid angle of 1 steradian. If I was to move the light sensor farther away, the incoming light energy would diminish because the emitted light would disperse over a larger area, and less of it would hit the sensor. Higher-end HDRs can be 2000 nits or more. A single nit actually gives off more light than a single lumen, and is equal to about 3.424 ANSI lumens. Higher quality projectors can use (in some cases) over 6,000 lumens. Nits vs Lumens. Lumens = {Lux * Area} / {Screen Gain} ANSI Lumen is the Acronym for American National Standards Institute, ANSI has established the standards for measuring lumen brightness of projectors. The ANSI lumen standards ANSI/NAPM IT7.228-1997 and ANSI/PIMA IT7.227-1998 actually were … ). Là où les watts mesurent la puissance électrique consommée, les lumens mesurent directement le rendement lumineux. © 2020 Uqnic Network Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. A theater projector is probably emitting more total light (measured in lumens) than any smartphone, but the phone packs more light into a smaller space. If you plan on running a display in a location with a high amount of ambient light, a high-bright monitor may be your only realistic option. Today, we have a much more scientific and complex definitions of a Candell, but for a basic understanding, the description above is sufficient. Lumens are simply the amount of light emitted per second by a projector. Candella is a very old brightness metric that is based on “whale oil candles.” 1 Candella is the light emitted by one such candle, which was “standard” at the time. • Lux is the measure of the illuminance and is defined as the number of lumens per square meter.

For instance, if a luminous flux of 1000 lumens is spread across 1 square meter, that’s 1000 LUX. On the other hand, if your device never leaves the basement, you probably aren’t turning up the brightness all the way anyway, so having more nits wouldn’t help much. 200 is on the low end but still usable, while above 400 is above average. NIT is equivalent to Candela (cd/m2), but is not part of the International System of Units (abbreviated SI, from Systeme International, in French). The total amount of light coming out of … Namun, untuk konsumen yang membandingkan TV dengan proyektor video, satu cara untuk mengatakannya adalah 1 Nit sebagai perkiraan setara dengan 3, 426 ANSI Lumens. If you want to dig, check the Lumen page of Wikipedia. The initial light energy is spread to an ever-larger area and becomes dimmer. A significant difference between these brightness units is whether or not we’re trying to measure light is that received (illuminance) by an object or emitted (luminance) by an object. Quantity : Unit : is equal to : Conversion Factor : Reference Unit : 1: apostilb = 0.31830988618379: nit: 1: blondel = 0.31830988618379: 1: bril = 3.1830988618379E-8 The most important thing is just knowing what a low, medium, and high nit number looks like for a given device so you can make an informed decision. A standard home TV will put out roughly 100-200 nits. This is why light becomes dimmer as you measure it farther away from the light source.

Technically, a device starts counting as “sunlight-readable” when it hits at least 1,000 nits, but very few mobile displays go that high. This would be tiny. Olympus AIR A01 Smartphone-Controlled Camera, Canon Has A New Camera That Sees Better In The Dark Than You Do, New Leica CL Mirrorless Camera Gives Off Vintage Vibes, Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Launched With 125x Optical Zoom, Sony Packs High Zoom In Small Cyber-Shot HX99 Camera, much more scientific and complex definitions of a Candell.
Perbedaan matematis antara Nits dan Lumens adalah kompleks. The total amount of light coming out of that candle at its source is about “one candela”. Note that these metrics are designed to measure the perceived brightness of the human visual system and may not be appropriate for non-visible light, for example. Nits are important but shouldn’t be the one deciding factor in your screen choice unless you specifically need something above a certain level of brightness for HDR or outdoor use. Movie theater screens, which are exclusively used in dark environments, are usually around 50 nits, while smartphones, which get a lot of outdoor use, tend to be at least three or four hundred. 8 Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows, How to Sync Your Game Progress Between Android Phones, How to Use Google Authenticator on a Windows PC, External Display Not Working? In other words, a projector has to have roughly three times as many lumens as a TV has nits in order to give off the same amount of light. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your display needs to be brighter than the light sources around it to be clearly readable. More nits = more candles per square meter = brighter display.

He is an advocate of cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies, and hopes to see new generations of innovation continue to outdo each other. The TV and display industry have been using the term NIT instead of Candela, which is probably why NIT became widely used in tech media. When you are talking about lumens, you are describing the amount of light output in ANSI (America National Standards Institute) lumens. In the context of this site, we mention LUX (Wikipedia page) as the brightness as measured by a light meter. Imagine you have a candle inside a cube with a total surface area measuring one meter by one meter (about the size of a bath towel or 20 iPads that have somehow been made into a cube). Standard models regularly put out 400 nits, and a high-bright monitor can put out anywhere between 2000 to 2500 nits! Here’s a breakdown of the max nit capabilities you should look for. A Sony prototype HDR TV was able to hit 10,000 nits, though most HDRs max out around 2,000. Vous connaissiez les watts (W).

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