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), Speaks an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language at home (%), Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($), Median total income (excl. Population [people], population density [p./km²] and population change [%/year] [2], [1991-1992] +6.06 %/Y [1993-1994] +5.93 %/Y [1992-1993] +5.51 %/Y Rent weekly payments (RNTD) [2010-2011] +4.37 %/Y The nature of the income imputation means that the reported proportion may significantly overstate the true proportion. View the data quality statement for Place of Usual Residence (PURP) Mandurah (Statistical Area, Perth, Australia) with population statistics, charts, ... Statistical Area in Perth. Area of Mandurah is 1 032.00 km², in this year population density was 97.47 p/km² . View the data quality statements for: In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), of people aged 15 years and over, 68.1% did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census. Soon it will be possible to see the city of Mandurah on the map. Total personal income (INCP) [2015-2016] +1.40 %/Y

In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), of all households, 71.7% were family households, 25.6% were single person households and 2.8% were group households. Therefore, the total responses count will not equal the persons count for this area. To access the hidden content within each section, select the section to display the content, then use arrow keys to navigate down to the expanded content. Data by Region is intended for users interested in the characteristics of regions and in comparing regions across Australia. The median age of people in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas) was 43 years. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 2.1% of the population. expandable. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 2.1% of the population. The nature of the income imputation means that the reported proportion may significantly overstate the true proportion. Each of the sections below is It also features Mandurah Surf Living Club. Accessible information on the population of any region, fast work of the site and constant updating of information are the basis of our resource.

Area of Mandurah is 1 032.00 km², in this year population density was 97.47 p/km² . In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), of couple families with children, 13.0% had both partners employed full-time, 3.2% had both employed part-time and 17.5% had one employed full-time and the other part-time. View the data quality statements for: Click on the following category headings to view The ABS Labour Force Survey provides the official estimates of Australia's unemployment rate. In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 82.6% of households had at least one person access the internet from the dwelling.

Of these 48.5% were male and 51.5% were female. Household composition (HHCD) Of these 48.5% were male and 51.5% were female. [2012-2013] +3.62 %/Y We're calling on businesses of all sizes who can make a positive impact on our economy to apply. Because Norfolk Island has not previously been included in the Census, any 2011 benchmarks will not include Norfolk Island. Unpaid child care (CHCAREP) [2006-2007] +3.99 %/Y In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 37.3% of occupied private dwellings had one registered motor vehicle garaged or parked at their address, 36.9% had two registered motor vehicles and 18.0% had three or more registered motor vehicles. In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), of occupied private dwellings 2.9% had 1 bedroom, 11.5% had 2 bedrooms and 34.1% had 3 bedrooms. Of these 51.6% were employed full time, 31.4% were employed part-time and 10.9% were unemployed. Mandurah Population (WA) All States/Territories Victoria ACT New South Wales South Australia Queensland Northern Territory Western Australia In 2011 there were 7327 people living in Mandurah . View the data quality statements for: includes Population, Population Density, Citizenship, includes Population, Culture, Housing, Health, Education and Employment, includes Businesses, Building Approvals, Registered Motor Vehicles, includes Preschool Enrolments, Post-School Qualifications, Occupations, includes Unpaid Work, Households, Internet Access, includes Year of Arrival, Qualifications, Occupation, includes Land Area, Water Use, Solar Installations, Estimated Resident Population - persons (no. The number of households where rent payments were 30% or more of an imputed income measure are expressed in this table as a proportion of the total number of households in an area (including those households which were not renting, and excluding the small proportion of visitor-only and other non-classifiable households). 2014 - 2019 statistics about Mandurah. Last official estimated population of Mandurah (as Statistical Area Level 3) was 100 591 people (on 2017-06-30).This was 0.41 % of total Australian population and 3.881% of WA population. [1995-1996] +5.02 %/Y If population growth rate would be same as in period 2016-2017 (+0.93%/yr), Mandurah population in 2020 would be 103 427. [2007-2008] +5.79 %/Y Of people who did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 25.2% worked 5 to 14 hours, 12.6% worked 15 to 29 hours and 11.6% worked 30 hours or more. The average number of bedrooms per occupied private dwelling was 3.4. Indigenous status (INGP), There has been change in methodology used to calculate the average number of persons per bedroom. [1998-1999] +2.22 %/Y Data are in a time series, where available. The City of Mandurah originated as the Mandurah Road District, established on 10 June 1949. 2015: 100,327: Working Age Population (aged 15-64 years) (%) No Data Available: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples: Estimated Resident Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population - … San Remo is one of those sought after suburbs on the northern beach side of Mandurah. Last official estimated population of Mandurah (as Statistical Area Level 3) was 100 591 people (on 2017-06-30)[2]. For further information, go to the User Guide for QuickStats. More information about Census and labour force status is provided in Understanding the Census and Census Data. [0]. Of people aged 15 and over in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 14.3% reported having completed Year 12 as their highest level of educational attainment, 21.1% had completed a Certificate III or IV and 8.6% had completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma.

Of employed people in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 13.1% worked 1 to 15 hours, 10.4% worked 16 to 24 hours and 40.9% worked 40 hours or more.

Responsible pet ownership is vital for the wellbeing of your pet & the community. Number of bedrooms in a private dwelling (BEDD) Of people in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas) aged 15 years and over, 50.4% were married and 14.3% were either divorced or separated. Children aged 0 - 14 years made up 18.0% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 22.7% of the population.

The information contained in this QuickStat has been produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics | It contains data from the 2016 Census of Population & Housing held on 9 August 2016 | Release date of this QuickStat was 23 October 2017 | Some values may have been adjusted to avoid release of confidential data | These adjustments may have a significant impact on the calculated percentages in QuickStats | For more information refer to Introduced Random Error in the 2016 Census Dictionary. During the two weeks before the Census, 26.6% provided care for children and 10.5% assisted family members or others due to a disability, long term illness or problems related to old age. Dwelling Structure (STRD). [2003-2004] +4.83 %/Y

In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 27.3% of people were attending an educational institution. key P for Population & People, C for Economy & Industry,

Environment, R for Related Regions, D for Download the statistics In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 25.2% of households had a weekly household income of less than $650 and 12.5% of households had a weekly income of more than $3000. The board was suspended on 12 July 1956 by an Order in Council and the district was placed under the administration of Commissioner Richard Rushton, who ultimately served in the role for almost four years. $1million in industry & business grants now open for business. View the data quality statements for: In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 49.0% of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people were male and 51.0% were female. Mandurah - Population 85 814 people Flag of Australia In August 2019 2020. Of the families in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 37.2% were couple families with children, 45.7% were couple families without children and 16.1% were one parent families. Restart Mandurah Now economic grants. In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), 78.3% of private dwellings were occupied and 21.7% were unoccupied. In Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas), for dwellings occupied by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, the average household size was 3.3 persons, with 0.9 persons per bedroom. Learn more. Of these, 30.2% were in primary school, 22.0% in secondary school and 14.9% in a tertiary or technical institution. Respondents had the option of reporting up to two ancestries on their Census form, and this is captured by the Ancestry Multi Response (ANCP) variable used in this table. Calculated percentages represent a proportion of all responses from people in Mandurah (C) (Local Government Areas) (including those who did not state an ancestry). [4] Border coordinates are simplifyed using Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm.

[2004-2005] +3.82 %/Y

Data reported for Australia and Other Territories now includes Norfolk Island, following an amendment to the Acts Interpretation Act, 1901.

Australian Statistical Geography Standard. The average household size was 2.4 people. Dwelling tables exclude visitor only and other non-classifiable households. The road board held its first meeting on 1 September 1949.

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