mantis bug tracker tutorial

Try to write it in an active voice. Following are the steps to clone an issue. It is used for Bug Tracking throughout Defect Lifecycle. The next status may be “new”, “assigned”, or “resolved”.

At the right top corner of the screen, it displays the version and project name as well. c. A section titled “Expected result” describing what should happen if there was no bug Here is an example: Expected result – When the user clicks the “Play” button, the video should load every time. In View Issues → Viewing Issue section, the user can print the records and basic details of issues. Web Server − Mantis is tested with Microsoft IIS and Apache. However, Mantis doesn’t encourage formatting the text. PHP − The web server should support PHP. Following steps should be performed while editing an issue. It opens the report page and all available details are copied in the respective fields as shown in the following screenshot. Here, we choose Issue ID 02 as shown in the following screenshot. In 2012, GitHub became the official repository for the Mantis project source code. To edit an existing project, click the Project Name. The Roadmap page gets automatically populated, once the issues are assigned into a "Target Version". Step 5 − Select a ‘Type’ for the field from the dropdown list (date, string, list, etc.). However, for the Date type, the possible values can include values such as: {today}, {tomorrow}, {+3 days}, {-7 days}, {next week}, {15 December 2013}, etc.

Step 6 − Click Next to start the installation. View Status − It determines who can access the project, whether the project can be viewed by all logged-in users in case of public projects. A user who has marked the issue as Monitor will be notified whenever any changes are made on the issue by any other users. Step 2 − Click the Project name, where the version has to be added. Step 1 − Go to View Issues from the Menu, set the filters, and click Apply Filters. Step 5 − Rename the folder name mantis 2.5.1 as mantis for better URL. The user can navigate to a particular issue by clicking the issue ID and name. Simon is the founder of Crowdsourced Testing. Click phpAdmin at the right top corner as shown in the following screenshot. It allows integrating your support with your internal issue tracking. This feature is used to call the attention of a particular user. It can be applicable differently for each project. By clicking the Reopen button, you can open the issue any time again. The name and logo of Mantis refers to Mantidae family of insects. After addition, you can see the linked issues in the Relationships section. The respective files gets downloaded having the details of the bug. The following screenshot displays the Dashboard/My View page of Mantis on successful login.

Here is an example: Tested on Nexus 7, Android 4.2.3 and Firefox 15 for Mac. By default, these are unchecked. 1. Check these if you want to copy the same. A server running CentOS 8. ), Select an OS version: the version number of the operating system (i.e 7 / 6.0 / 4.2.3, etc.). Step 5 − After clicking Create Project / Project Name, the Create Project form opens. In most cases, it is a simple value such as a string, a number, or a value from the list of possible values. 9.

However, it is possible that they have not yet reproduced the issue. Later, it opens the View Issue Details page as shown in the following screenshot. Step 1 − Go to the View Issue Details page that needs to move to another project. Posted in: Bug reports, Quality assurance testing by: Simon On successful creation of a project, the user can see a new entry in the project section as shown in the following screenshot. The following screenshot shows how to add Version by writing the Version Name and click Add Version. A user can attach the file while reporting the issue by clicking the Choose File button. To clone an issue means to quickly create a duplicate issue within the same project. Step 1 − Go to View Issue → Viewing Issue section and choose any issue that is to be deleted. Along with bug tracking, Mantis supports Release Features to manage various releases of a project or a software. It supports mobile browsers as well in mobile views.

The following screenshot shows the overview of My View page of Mantis. Mantis supports attaching multiple files to an issue. To export as CSV/Excel file, following steps should be performed −. Mantis provides Demo, Download (to set up your own Mantis) and Hosting version of the tool. A section titled “Actual result” describing what is currently happening when the bug occurs. Step 4 − After that click the Issue button. Unzip the downloaded mantis and place it as shown in the following screenshot. For example: Reporter in this case.

Mantis is also known as MantisBT, which stands for Mantis Bug Tracker. This is very useful information to be provided to the team, the users, and other stakeholders. They are often what developers will look at first.

The user can create categories specific to a project or define it globally across all projects. Mantis supports a pre-defined global category called 'General'. Step 5 − After installation, the user can see CSV Importer in the Installed Plug-in section. Step 5 − The user can update all the fields based on the requirement. If the issues are listed under the deleted category, after deletion, the issues will be updated automatically and displayed as no category.
Click the above marked button and browse the file to upload. On the left side, there is a list of users and on the right side messages can be typed. Step 1 − To delete a category, go to Manage → Manage Projects. Step 3 − Click the Delete icon as shown in the following screenshot. Mantis supports the following status - New, Feedback, Acknowledged, Confirmed, Closed, and Resolved. The following screenshot shows the My View page of Mantis. It will ask to enter the password.

Step 2 − Click the Project name that needs to be archived/un-archived. Mantis is an open source tool. It is an open source software. Along with the Search textbox, Mantis provides the link of Recently Visited Issue# so that users can directly jump to a particular issue. Step 6 − Enter the following fields before creation −. The next status is “assigned”. Mantis Bug Tracker is an open source web-based application tool. Any action or operation taken at the original issue doesn’t impact the clone issue and vice-versa. The user can edit the category anytime by clicking the Edit button present under Actions column.

Mantis supports Stick functionality, i.e. Acknowledged − This status is used by the development team to send a confirmation about receiving an issue or to agree with the reporter’s concern.

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