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Gustavson was the bodyguard of Gordon, following the attempt on Gordon. Fox and Harvey Bullock later find that Mario took some chemical to conceal the infection within him and tells Gordon. When Carmine learns what has happened to his son, he tells Gordon that he and Leslie are at his lake house, and to bring him in alive. "Queen Takes Knight" is the eleventh episode and midseason finale of the fourth season and 77th episode overall from the Fox series Gotham. Two Face wakes up to see Mario Falcone, with his coin, over him. [8], Kyle later discovers that Mario has set up shop in the unincorporated part of Gotham City.

The Hangman Killer then murders Alberto and Sofia, leaving Mario as the sole surviving member of the Falcone family.

It was first broadcast on November 7, 2016. Worried, the Maroni's are armed as they see if Commissioner Gordon can be found, they can too. Mario Falcone Before Dent's trial, he told Porter to bring every piece of evidence he had on "Hangman". The character appeared on the third season of Gotham and was played by James Carpinello. In Batman #694, Batman asks the Penguin about the girl from the party but Penguin says he does not know her and that he is clean. Salvatore Vincent Maroni is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman. In the episode "All Will Be Judged," Mario Calvi appears in Leslie Thompkins's dream where he claimed that he wasn't jealous of Gordon. After Sofia's departure, Mario speaks with an unknown figure who states that she will now go to the only place that would take her in. Mario proceeds to marry Leslie. We then see Batman on top of a gargoyle thinking about what has happened and we see images of Penguin, Mario Falcone, and Fright becoming one of Dr. Death and Hugo Strange’s False Faces. A broken man, and nearly driven to the brink of insanity, Mario set fire to his grandfather's estate. Not liking the answer, Batman burns down the new Falcone estate. Batman asks if she left Kitrina alone and she says she did and she is not going anywhere though Batman retorts by saying unless she is a master escape artist. Mario has enough of her backtalk and has his men close the box and throw her into the water.

Mario Falcone first appeared in Batman: Dark Victory #1 and was created by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. She was important in the planning of and capture of Two-Face and bringing him to face trial. She reveals that they are in love and have a sexual relationship. The episode was written by co-executive producers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt and directed by Nathan Hope. Batman: Dark Victory is a 14-part American comic book limited series published by DC Comics, featuring the superhero Batman. Mario starts stomping on Two Face, telling him he has his life, his money, and something else. In Batman #693, Dick hobnobs with the usual suspects, and Huntress, in her secret ID of course, shows up to help Dick keep a watchful eye on an attending Thomas Elliot, as Bruce of course. It was first broadcast on September 19, 2016. Now realizing that Chester was the snitch all along, they grab him and take off. [9], During a fight with Robin, Mario threatens to kill Two-Face's estranged wife, Gilda. The men begin opening fire, and Harvey ducks behind cover all the while carrying on a conversation with Mario. Selina Kyle, nicknamed "Cat", is a fictional character on the Fox TV series Gotham. Twenty minutes later, Catwoman has Kitrina tied upside down saying they have a lot to talk about. Gordon is reinstated as detective and investigates along with Bullock the killer, who uses plastic surgery to fake identities. Huntress says that Dr. Singh just made it home from Arkham. In Batman #712, at a construction site, Mario Falcone and Gilda are waiting supposedly to sell off the Jade Compass Society’s secrets, but Mario is on edge, as he should be, because soon they are under siege by Two Face’s men. Catwoman helps Batman take the thugs down.

Sofia eventually died at the hands of Harvey Dent, who she had sworn to destroy. When the remaining side wins, Oswald will come in and take over. Batman: Dark Victory takes place primarily three to four years into Batman's career as a vigilante crimefighter.
The FBI orders all men to put their faces down and their hands behind their heads, including Batman. Two more of Two-Face's men make it out the door. By the time Lieutenant James Gordon and the police arrive, Mario and the rest of Falcone family have already fled.

Janice Porter hears this, tells Mario Falcone, and immeidately goes to tell her lover. Yet, Joker has just escaped Arkham and plans to blow up the whole city. First Appearance: When the back-up generators kick-in and the lights return, a bloodied man, bound and gagged, has appeared on the table in front of them. During the trial, on Labor Day, she headed up to the courthouse via elevator, only to get hung by the Hangman. Mario operates upon Valerie, saving her life. It was first broadcast on October 24, 2016. He pours the hallucinogen on Gordon, sending him on a hallucination trip with Barbara acting as his guide. Gilda tells Mario that she’s been in contact with some buyers about the information they got from the Jade Society. [7], On Columbus Day, Two-Face's gang attacks and kills all the Falcone Crime Family members, except for Mario, Alberto, and Sofia. Mario Falcone The character is portrayed as an infamous gangster in Gotham City and an enemy of Batman. Meanwhile, Cobblepot sets off to separate Isabella from Nygma, telling her his real nature. In Batman: Dark Victory #11, the number of clues, and the body count, continue to climb during the heat of the summer. The series' success led to Loeb and Sale to reteam for two sequels, Batman: Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome, which are set concurrently. Batman is attacked from behind by Penguin's chauffeur, Lark, but he quickly knocks her and all of Penguin's men in the building out. She spies on many people, like the mafias and the Riddler. In the episode "Red Queen", Mario helps to cure Gordon of the effects of a rage-inducing toxin Tetch had infected him with. He was the first victim of Hangman, found hanging from the Westward bridge with a rope around his neck. He has been considered the show's breakout character. After attempting to kill Batman as retaliation for being punched through a wall, he was killed on Valentine's Day. The show is itself based on the characters created by DC Comics set in the Batman mythology. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Huntress mentions that The Riddler has not been seen since the bombing.

[1], Mario later summons Gordon and District Attorney Janice Porter to his father's gravesite, stating that his father's corpse was stolen from its grave. When Leslie's ex-boyfriend, Jim Gordon, turns up the emergency room, Mario tends to his wounds. Janice Porter is now worried as Mario worries on how his sister is working with the empire on how she looks the same, no improvement or illnesses. He is based on the character of the same name created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, that debuted in the first panel of Detective Comics #27. Gilda DentCarmine FalconeAlberto FalconeHangmanKitrina FalconeJanice Porter He wakes to see Riddler standing over him, and instantly goes to attack, but gets a gun to the back of his head thanks to Enigma.

Bruce declines, earning Mario's displeasure. Meanwhile, Nygma captures Butch and Tabitha, planning on torturing them as he believes that Butch killed Isabella while Barbara hurries to find them. Leaving him behind at the restaurant, he heads to a rendezvous with Mario Falcone and his men on the premise that the Falcones are going to help out and lend a hand. In the episode "Follow the White Rabbit", Mario attempts to help Gordon rescue Leslie and Gordon's girlfriend Valerie Vale from Jervis Tetch. "Better to Reign in Hell..." is the first episode of the third season, and 45th episode overall from the Fox series Gotham. In addition to being a mobster, he has also taken credit to be serial killer the Holiday Killer in Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory. Riddler tells him it was he who set up the phone incident, but also gave Two Face a special vest that made it look like he was bleeding out.

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