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Blackstar Fly 3 . Even its overdrive sounds good. Sorry this doesn't answer your question but I would probably get the Blackstar Fly 3 over the marshall MS2. MS4 Microamp just to see if there are any differences between the two.. It's just a tad bit more expensive than the regular MS2 but it sounds a lot nicer in my opinion, plus the delay and aux in. The MS4 is another mini or microamp from Marshall.It’s similar to the MS2 but this “Micro Stack” is a miniature full stack. od Trao » 7.10.2007 19:55, Příspěvek Don’t let its looks deceive you since it’s not a toy. Tak wattovej rozdíl neni a cenovej je dvě stovky, to mě nevytrhne... na mě to působí dojmem, že ta MS-4 jsou vlastně dvě MS-2 na sobě, čili se tam dá těch 2 wattů dopočítat... Ale možná to je blbost... Mě nepřijde, že jsou dvě na sobě - podle obrázků to vypadalo, jako že ta MS2 je tak dvoutřetinově velká jak MS4... MS-2 sem měl a pro moje účely to bylo nepoužitelný - čistej v pohodě, ale u OD nebyla možnost regulace hlasitosti (kolečkem VOLUME se reguloval drive), takže to řvalo jako bejt - do paneláku moc a do zkušebny málo... navíc se mi to zkreslení ani nelíbilo.... Díky ti, někdo s osobníma zkušenostma: a dokázalo to hodit výkon akustiky? takhle to podam, aby můj dotaz byl snáze pochopitelný: Kup si orange mini crush-má 3w, 2kanály, 4repro..a je za 1299kč( I got this stompbox to play some heavy metal stuff such as Iron Maiden, Hammerfall etc. The MS-2 TM is a 1W micro amp that may be small but will deliver the true Marshall tone. 5 years ago. Dorky, I know but fuck it. Thanks for the suggestion mate. And this is not just any small practice amplifier. I ... My CD-R King Mini Vacuum Cleaner came as a surprise to me. The tone of the Marshall MS2 Mini Amp is like that of regular Marshall amps downsized to a tiny 1 watt half stack. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. It's … The Marshall MS2 Mini Amp is a serious amplifier with a serious tone. Mini amplis - Vox Amplug AC30 ou Marshall MS2 ??? Našel jsem ted na webu nějaký mini-ampy od Fendera, neměl jste někdo s nima náhdodou tu čest? How many times a day that you eat rice? I wonder why they'd even bother to make the three have different prices if they sound the same? They are all exactly the same as far as sound goes. I have the ultimate picky eater in the household. od qwer » 25.11.2007 15:08. ... Tosiba mini fridge is a small and funky looking gadget which can help keep the beverages cool for a longer period of time. It is a tiny usb enable storage device which has enough space for a can of beer to fit in it and thus can enjoy a ... Are you cooking rice every day? It's similar to the MS2 but this "Micro Stack" is a miniature full stack. The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go. Thanks for the suggestion mate. However, it's fairly safe to say that Marshall MS-2 is a more popular guitar combo amplifier, based on its 400+ reviews. Fokus strat, fokus LP , SX telecaster, akustika Johnson. It’s a Marshall. Thanks for the suggestion mate. Solid State Well-Known Member. Marshall MS2 và MS4 mặc dù không phải là loại amply thông dụng nhất cũng như là nổi tiếng nhất nhưng cặp đôi này vẫn theo những tiêu chuẩn tốt nhất của Marshall cho một sản phẩm nhỏ bé và tiện lợi. I love my Apple iPod Mini, even though it is a bit outdated at this point. I wanna get one due to how cheap and portable it is but I'm having a difficult time choosing one. od Kozanostra » 7.10.2007 18:24, Příspěvek od Jens Ludwig » 8.10.2007 21:53, Příspěvek I didn’t think it could play loud enough since it’s so tiny but when I plugged my guitar in, it was loud enough with a pure Marshall tone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Having used the MS2 before, I decided to try the Marshall MS4 Microamp just to see if there are any differences between the two. od noc33 » 10.10.2007 12:43, Příspěvek You can’t really adjust the amount of gain but it’s okay since the overdrive. Lampy, tranzistory, technické problémy, ... Čau, potřebuju vlastnosti a srovnání těhle dvou mrňousků od fy Marshall. If you’re looking for a really portable practice amp that you can take anywhere then this is the amp for you. It's similar to the MS2 but this "Micro Stack" is a miniature full stack. Previous Next. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Solid State, Feb 23, 2017 #25. ricksconnected and aryan like this. no newim nikdy sem na to nehrál ale určitě bych šel do toho silnějšího výkonově....myslim že tim nic nezkazíš a budeš mit rezervu i když tady borec hraje na to menší a taky to nezní špatně. od venca.k » 8.10.2007 17:34, Příspěvek The MS-2C though claims to offer an "authentic classic Marshall tone". The four gigabyte ipod mini was one of the first ipods that Apple came out with. od Trao » 8.10.2007 14:32, Příspěvek Get a Pignose. I did a bit of research about the three of them and I haven't been able to notice the real difference in them other than how they look. The MS-4 is the ultimate in portable battery/mains adapter operated micro amps, packing a full 1 Watt of Marshall tone into a tiny case. i've been looking at the Marshall MS-2 and MS-4, thinking of picking up either one or the other when my Les Paul Jr comes in to my local store. / Mentions légales / CGU / Publicité. These are available in a variety of colours and styles: black, red, … I have had my Sony mini discman for about five years now. Blackstar Fly 3 . Gibson Les Paul Standard (94´) Ibanez GRG 270 (SH-2N a SH-4 Duncany) Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 Channel Marshall 1960A Digitech RP 350 struny LaBella 10ky , trsátka Jim Dunlop Tortex 0,73 Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of the, Distortion+feedbacker stompbox:Line 6 Tone Core Dr. Distorto. od Jens Ludwig » 8.10.2007 15:52, Příspěvek The MS-2 is the ultimate in portable battery/mains adaptor operated micro amps, packing a full 1 Watt of Marshall tone into a tiny case measuring just 14 x 11 x 6cm. It is battery powered and can plug into mains so it’s versatile enough to play on the move or practice in your bedroom. They eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't have the money or interest to upgrade my gadgets every year, and this is probably my fifth year of having this iPod. I had a band years ago where I used most of our vocalist's gear. I know it was long time ago but I would like to know if there is a difference between MS4 x MS4ZW, they look the same with different visual only,... am I wrong? od Kozanostra » 7.10.2007 21:02, Příspěvek Just different looks. Marshall Amps; Products; Amps; Micro Amp; MS-4. I just got an MS4ZW for decoration in my studio, but what I kind of want to do is get a second one, gut them both and try to make speakers for my laptop out of them. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Stratguy, Jan 24, 2013. I like the sleek design and how cute the hair dryer actually looks. od Nero » 8.10.2007 15:01, Příspěvek ca y est je me suis décidé, va pour le ms 2, finalement j'ai prit le ms 4, le ms 2 n'était plus en stock,, Marshall 3005 Lead 12 mini stack - sample et vidéo. le ms4, quesqu'il a de plus que le ms2 ??? od Trao » 9.10.2007 13:05, Příspěvek The first time I came in contact with this preamp I was blown out of my mind. od Trao » 8.10.2007 17:09, Příspěvek Transformation marshall jcm800 (mod. Don't buy one. le MS4 c'est un 2x2W alors que le MS1 c'est juste un 2w ! It has both gain and volume controls to deliver that extra distortion. You could also look into one of those little Digitech RP units (they're pretty small and would also fit in a suitcase. aryan, Feb 22, 2017 #24. Soups which have a variety of ingredients from vegetables and spaghetti noodles were on my list. Joined: Jan 2, 2016 Messages: 324 Likes Received: 489. Additionally, you can work with the built-in delays, modulations effects, and I think that there is even a little metronome feature. Kytara: el. The MS-4 TM is a 1W micro stack that is the ultimate in micro rock n’ roll. Having used the MS2 before, I decided to try the Marshall MS4 Microamp just to see if there are any differences between the two. The MS4 is another mini or microamp from Marshall. The Marshall MS2 Mini Amp is so small it stands at only 14 cm. It delivers tone just like any regular amplifier. 2205 de ... VDS Tête MARSHALL JCM800 (2205) 50W de 1984. Diskuze o všem, co souvisí s hudbou a hudebními nástroji. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. In my living room, I have a SONY Mini 3-DISC Changer Stereo system that comes with two regular speakers and a sub woofer that split apart from each other so that I can fit it into my entertainment center perfectly with my TV and other electronic toys.

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