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Recently we ventured into the Kayak world by building a Surfski together with Kai Wa’a, the Vega & Vega Flex. From the serious competitor to the casual social paddler, the Bladerunner OC4 caters for everyone. The most popular OC2 in the world! 16/06/2020.

Royal Canoe Club outrigger section based in Kingston London OC6 OC2 OC1 Outrigger training outrigger races outrigger canoe club uk Spectra Steering cord 2mm. Oxymara. Kaukahi OC4. Bladerunner Solutions: Let us solve your R&D - Design - CNC Plug - Tooling - Man.etc. … OC2 - Sea Challenger. to bring your product to life. What's that? is not a problem! Oxymara. Built around the classic Bladerunner OC1 specs, the Bladerunner OC2 Targa is proving itself in all conditions, this canoe still holds the Hamo-16km. Allwave Oracle OC1. Woo - Waïna Outrigger Organisation - was born out of our passion for high seas water sports and particularly for the Hawaiian outrigger canoe.

Turn canoe over to drain the foot wells and inspect for damage as you wipe away river stains. Suitable in a wide variety of situations and for a wide variety of crews. In particular check that the hull is not damaged where the rudder is located as this is a place where the rudder can jam upwards into the hull if the rudder is run into an object, If all Ok remove the ama and lay it along side the canoe and find the iakos, Check to ensure you have the iakos the right way round and in the correct location, Rig the canoe generally starting with front ama, front hull, rear hull and finishing with rear ama. Most races start and finish at close to the same point, meaning that one leg may consist of solid swell and following seas - the next consisting of a massive headwind! Much of the damage that occurs with canoes happens on shore, so please handle with care taking attention to the following: If you find any damage or potential problems (eg fraying cables, or rudder rubbing along the bottom of the hull) please report to the secretary or gear steward. This is a great canoe for two folks at a steal of a price. Outrigger Zone Tempest OC2 Outrigger Canoe. Incredibly nimble for an OC-2, it makes transitions easy. Check the hull for damage especially the nose, the footpedals and cables, and the rudder and check that the rudder works. 12/06/2020. Fibreglass & Kevlar - 25kg; Full Carbon & Kevlar - 20kg . It’s hard to describe the beauty of linking wave after wave to the uninitiated, but with the Tempest you can just show them.

Bladerunner Solutions, has evolved from over 45 years of Marine Engineering, Boat Building - Commercial - Defence - Private - Surveys and related services, see details and pics. We provide outrigger canoe facilities, training and activities at Trowlock Island, Teddington, Middlesex – near Kingston upon Thames, in South West London. Site by GPWerks. ), Misc. Home. Building on from the success of the Piranha , the Wahtoo has again been designed for Australia’s open water conditions, to maximize the full potential of our ocean swells while still providing excellent power into wind and flat water speed. Allwave Mito OC1. The Tempest is a proven performer both in flatwater and surf. so try the fastest OC-2 on the Australian circuit so grab a partner and check this canoe out! Unlike many overseas outrigger canoe races, the majority of race courses in Australia encompass all conditions. On return to shore or if stopping at any point in your session do not drive the canoe nose first into the bank or sand. Since then many OC designs became legendary and were industry leaders in new concepts and winners in the races. Discover the Kohala coast, on this top of the line ocean craft, guaranteed to open up your wellness horizons. If you haven’t been on an OC1 or OC2 before ensure you have had some advice of what to do in event you huli. This canoe is a Wahoo Max in which the seat is fixed but the foot pedals are moveable. This is a great canoe for two folks at a steal of a price. En savoir plus Nos dernières actualités. Log some me time and quality time with the kids. Floats slightly higher than other canoe models, Good lateral and longitudinal strength (helping to prevent point loading damage common in other layup methods), Sail mounting socket - sail available extra.

It has a longer water line length making it quicker into the chop and flat conditions. Welcome to the Royal Outrigger Canoe Club. Entrez votre nom d'utilisateur ou votre adresse email et cliquez sur le bouton générer. Care in Handling and Use of OC1s and OC2s. Don’t drag any part of the canoe along the ground or sand, When you have sufficient depth sit on the canoe to identify where you need to adjust the seat and do so ensuring the water depth remains sufficient for the rudder not to hit the bottom. In the OC1 and OC2 department, we build the Ares, Volare, Kahele, Gemini, Kahe Kai, Antares, Ehukai, Storm, Scorpius, Tempest, and Hurricane. You should have done this at least once before with supervision. Unlimited M2 Mirages- VOSA and GOLDEN GUN, Outrigger Connections Team in 2012 Eono Race on the Golden Gun. It’s hard to be modest when describing the Tempest – it’s born to run. Kaukahi OC4. This is a great canoe for two folks at a steal of a price. That was eight years ago… Fast forward to... Read More... Outrigger Connections Team in 2012 Eono Race on the Golden Gun The Golden Gun performed unreal in the massive swells of this years Eono race. When the Outrigger Connection Team began designing the new 22 (it is OC’s twenty second molded design!) The round, narrow, and deep hull minimizes surface area and wave drag while maintaining the characteristics that make a canoe surf well. Pull on this cord to disengage the peg one at a time so the pedal bar can be moved. Then the OC4 is perfect for you. 10 photos pour revivre le DWCamp Woo 2020 . Ever turned up to training with only four or ten paddlers? Please enter your username or email address. As manufacturers, but also as paddlers, we are working to minimize the impact of these technologies on our environment.
Let us do your R&D Plug and Mould manufacture. Eight years ago, Outrigger Connection constructed eight concept Mirages of composite hybrid construction that weighed in at a record breaking 200lbs! around the island Open Mens Marathon record of 1hr.11min.04sec. We can teach you the basics of this sport and you can decide how far you want to go - leisure paddling through to competing across the globe.

OC was first to construct lightweight canoes using aerospace technologies like vacuum bagging and advanced composites like Kevlar, S g glass, graphite and epoxy resins.

This cord is attached to two spring loaded pegs that locate the bar (on which the pedals are mounted) into the rails that are fixed on the inside of the canoe. Allwave CX Surfski. Why Buy from Paddle Dynamics (including delivery & pick-up), Ozone Surfski Kayaks Available for Sale (Link), THINK Brand Surfski Kayaks Available for Sale, Epic Touring/Sea Kayaks Available for Sale, Marathon Canoe Paddles (ZRE Zaveral Racing Equipment), Puakea Designs OC (outrigger canoe) Paddles, Accessories/Parts (Epic, Mocke and Misc.

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