return of 4eva review

One downside of Return of 4Eva, which is a recurring mistake in the world of hip-hop, is the sheer length of this album.

Calling you a Hater or some other shit for giving a positive review. The analogy with the Atlanta duo does not stop with the Cadillacs of the artwork. This is the shit pimp C was talking about on the now infamous “Atlanta interview”…shit with sustenance, fuck 5 stars this shit deserves 7. on “Dreamin’,” one of the best cuts from Return of 4Eva. He is probably the most under rated rapper I know.

With some comparisons to Pimp C, early Geto Boys and OutKast, Big K.R.I.T. - Players Ballad Feat. is pretty good but nothing amazing: With the empathetic warmth in his sticky drawl, he makes a convincing Southern everyman, and he has enough rhythmic dexterity to really stick to beats. The highest of highs show you what he could truly be if left to his own devices, and the pull of the been there, done that music of his contemporaries. It’s that his ceiling is higher than them. If you’re constantly in search of material that doens’t preclude him from putting it out. The removal of half those pimp/player songs would give new listeners a clear shot at the closest thing to Aquemini we will probably ever see. Stop it. It's 21 tracks but every song either gives you something poetic or a straight up banger.

Rocko Santana Reviews. is special. It almost inspires me to buy an old school Cadillac and just drive through the city all day. Your email address will not be published. It's funny how back in the 90's the big debate was between the east and west coast, while the south slowly made its way to now dominate the current hip hop scene. Just too many of them. And even in his strongest moments, he still sounds a whole lot like T.I. has solidified himself as one of the most prophetic and impressive rappers in years. There is God in his music and not in a Jesus walks or non-genuine way.

On the new, free-for-download mixtape Return of 4Eva, he invests the cars-and-girls talk he's already been doing with a sort of conscious-rap sensibility; toward the back end of the tape, he leaves behind boasting to talk about poverty and racism and materialism, sometimes coming up with a truly evocative line.

without much of T.I.

I'd suggest some good sub woofers so you have some great bass to go with the heavy tracks. There's not much I can really say besides wow... this lived up to the hype. included that sample to draw attention to his younger rap peers; he's the type of old soul who still complains about "ringtone rappers" sometimes. you can make an argument that this album is the best thing to come out of the south since stankonia. Chamillionaire, Big K.R.I.T. K.R.I.T. Aquemini is a 5. The lyricism and flows are top notch whilst the production is a stand out. And when lined up against those songs at the end, they don’t measure up. Will it ever be enough?

What Did I Rate It?

If I let myself be tempted by his mixtape "Return Of 4eva", it's mainly because his cover immediately reminds me of OutKast, my favorite rap duo. If you’re a fan then you should want his best. By Odeisel.

Taking on a few hooks himself, he's got a thoughtful, bluesy coo that seems custom-built for his tracks. And while K.R.I.T.

A few of those songs in the beginning are interchangeable. Thankfully, I enjoy Krit's music enough to listen to this album in full without much of a struggle, except it's often hard to find the time. But it could just as well describe the Pavlovian attachment some of us have to a beautifully looped-up soul sample.

Thank you Big KRIT for sharing your God given talent with this broken world.

on AllMusic - 2011

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