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Brazile led the average after nine rounds with a 116.9-second time, followed by Tony Reina’s 124.3 seconds on nine head and Fisher’s 102.8 seconds on eight. Vin Fisher Jr., 10.4 seconds, $9,155; 2. Round 5 was Snedecor’s only miscue, as he had a no time. Senior Steer Ropers Assn. Trevor Brazile, 11.5, $7,577; 3. He had a 14.6-second run in Round 2 but didn’t place. J. Tom Fisher, 12.0, $5,998; 4. Brazile has won a PRCA-record 25 gold buckles – a PRCA-record 14 in all-around (2002-04, 2006-15, 2018), three in tie-down roping (2007, 2009-10) and one in team roping (2010) to go with the NFSR buckles. “All the gold buckles are special. At the Kansas Star !! “I can’t speak for anybody else, but I didn’t want any surprises going into Round 10,” said Brazile when asked if he was calculating different outcomes. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Please note that many rodeos have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19. Trevor Brazile, 11.0, $7,577; 3. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. “Every one of my heroes did it (thrived under pressure). MULVANE, Kan. – This was déjà vu all over again for Scott Snedecor in the opening day of the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping Friday. Vin Fisher Jr., 114.1 on nine head, $22,632; 3. Tony Reina, 13.2, $1,579. Trevor Brazile, 11.2, $4,420; 5. “I know a lot of guys were wanting me to be eight seconds in the final round, but in my mind if I missed that last steer everything I did all weekend would have meant nothing,” Fisher said. Roger Branch    10.62     $5,460.002. Bobby Brock    13.79     $730.004. Guy Allen has the most NFSR Average wins with five. Brazile, the most-decorated cowboy in PRCA history, added another chapter to his story-book career. Snedecor, who is making his 17th appearance at the NFSR, is keeping the same simple approach as he gets ready for Saturday. He rode that momentum to a Round 2 victory with a 10.9-second time. The round wins paid $9,155. Duties…, Hay and irrigation foreman Large cattle ranch in northwest Colorado seeking qualified individual to help plan and implement irrigation and…, Equipment Op (Grader) Weld County Public Works Equip Op (Grader) report in Dacono - $20.97 Hourly. He came into the event first, and Fisher was second. He never stubbed his toe. He will continue to enter the tie-down roping, steer roping, and team roping—with seven-time Champ of the World and ProRodeo Hall of Famer Clay O’Brien Cooper—in 2019. He also accomplished the feat in 2012 and 2014-15. (tie) Jess Tierney and Garrett Hale, 10.8, $6,788 each; 4. Will McBride    13.03     $920.003. Marty Jones    45.38     $1,680.002. Tony Reina, 12.3, $4,420; 5. J. Tom Fisher, 13.8, $1,537; 8. Brodie Poppino (10.1 seconds) and Rocky Patterson (11.1 seconds) were the Round 3 and Round 5 winners, respectively. Apply:   Weld…, Central NE Ranch Seeks MACHINERY OPERATOR To run hay equipment, feed cattle and make repairs. Cody Dutton    12.3     $1,110.002. Top 15 steer ropers in the PRCA based on PRCA | RAM World Standings at the end of the regular season head to their own national championship in November in Mulvane, Kan., which is a separate event from the NFR. Guy Allen has won the most go-rounds overall with 48. Jess Tierney, 8.8 seconds, $9,155; 2. Tony Reina, 124.3, $17,917; 4. Top 15 steer ropers in the PRCA based on PRCA | RAM World Standings at the end of the regular season head to their own national championship in November in Mulvane, Kan., which is a separate event from the NFR. Cody Lee, 13.8, $1,579. John Bland    52.61     $10,910.002. When I put the time and effort in it pays off, and I was able to see things as they were happening.”. Snedecor was quick to credit his success to Possum, the horse Snedecor won the world championship on last year. Tony Reina, 18.5, $2,841; 6. (tie) Jess Tierney and Vin Fisher Jr., 12.6, $789 each. From 1977-2008, Guy Allen has the most finals qualifications at 32 counting all PRCA events. Chet Herrin    53.41     $5,450.004. (tie) Tuf Cooper and Chet Herren, 14.3, $307 each. National Finals Rodeo Live Online. Rocky Patterson, 9.5, $5,998; 4. Landon McClaugherty, 94.3 on eight head, $13,202; 5. “Everybody can do it in their backyard, and I have a lot of horses that are good at the house, but if they can’t compete when it counts it is irrelevant,” Brazile said. Tony Reina, 12.1, $1,579. Cody Dutton    54.56     $1,100.004. WRANGLER NATIONAL FINALS RODEO December 7-16, 2017 – Las Vegas . Menu Home; About; Results; Standings; Charity; Photo Gallery; Contact Us; SSRA Forms; Scroll down to content. Fisher was second in the average with a time of 114.1 seconds on nine head. We're sorry but doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. There were so many guys that I looked up to my whole career, and it was odd that they were all here. Mark Milner    14.88     $680.00             AVERAGE            1. “I knew if I tied my steer down (in Round 10) I could win it,” said Brazile, who was the last roper out in Round 10. Health insurance, housing and utilities…, Ranch Hand Wanted Full time on large, semi remote, cow calf & yearling operation. It’s just one of those things where you just have to go do your job. This Mulvane rodeo is held at Kansas Star Arena. Roger Vranch    13.16     $2,040.003. This Mulvane rodeo is held at Kansas Star Arena. Cody Lee, 12.1, $1,579. Brazile was riding J.R. Magdeburg III’s horse, Raider, 16. Trevor Brazile, 15.2, $5,998; 4. Scott Snedecor, 10.4, $5,998; 4. Garrett Hale, 10.6, $5,998; 4. Saddle Bronc Riding Zeke Thurston. NFR 2018 Live Stream & TV Schedule; Blog; NFR TV Schedule; Contact; About; Tag: Steer Roping Standings PRCA (NFR) STANDINGS 2017. Tenth round: 1. More importantly for Snedecor is he’s fifth in the average with a 46.9-second time on four head. Vin Fisher Jr., 11.8 seconds, $9,155; 2. For the second-consecutive year, no one won more money than the Fredericksburg, Texas, cowboy in Rounds 1 through 5 at the NFSR.

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