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MIDI connectivity. The Chorale setting accompanies your playing with an ensemble of human voices, with adjustability of the vowel shapes, depending on whether you’re an “oooh” or an “aaah” man or woman – or an “ooohaaah”… Magneto does a nice impression of a tape echo, with up to six heads, and the Pre-delay knob acting as a feedback control. Designed for synths specifically and very playable. Filtered Feedback Delay applies a high and low filter to the feedback of the repeats, and is a highly characterful effect that we got lost playing little arpeggios and lead parts with for hours. It’s seconds out as G&B puts all three units through their paces and crowns the reverb champ…. Don't bother with cheaper reverbs that don't sound as good, why put your carefully crafted music and cheapen it with a budget reverb?,, I've used both and own a Space. Just WOW. For me, the biggest difference is the user interface. It’s mind-bendingly complex stuff.

Boss MD-500 Modulation vs Eventide Modfactor vs Strymon Mobius Boss DD-500 Delay vs Eventide Timefactor vs Strymon Timeline Game of Tones. So, for example, if you switch to a Hall preset which has minimal decay, but previously the Decay knob had been at max, when you attempt to tweak the decay, you will begin from the point of 100 per cent, causing a disconcerting jump. I went with the Eventide H9 Max. I prefer the sound of the Space reverbs algos compared to the Bigsky. Open chords played with fingers, or picked notes high up the neck become huge swathes of rising noise. The Bigsky has a better shimmer algo. • MODES Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Blackhole, Shimmer, Reverse Reverb, ModEchoVerb, DualVerb, MangledVerb, DynaVerb, TremoloVerb

The Strymon BigSky, made by the people behind the Damage Control brand and hailing from Westlake Village, California, emerged from the blue corner two years later.

The h9 also has a very good eq compressor that you may find handy. G&B’s favourite mode on the Empress is Delay+Reverb – a very usable digital delay with three modes that can do everything from dotted eighth notes to huge ambient sounds and, with the Feedback at max, self-oscillation. The space is just so solid and expensive feeling, weighs more than most stompboxes, tons of I/O and super high quality pots & knobs. • CONTACT First Line Distribution, 01626 853019 I'm heavily considering getting one of these two as my reverb-to-end-all-reverbs. Will use as a send return effects module on my mixer, adding reverb to everything from drums, my bass synths, my Dominion, et cetera. Sound: Now, sound-wise, this is where it becomes most interesting. Never got to try the BigSky with synths, but did try them both a lot with guitar, Space wins all the time, I sitll have it and use it with my synths. Help me chose between the Strymon BigSky, Flint and Eventide space. Thanks!

So, the Empress is pipped to the post by the BigSky’s slightly sweeter, more widescreen sounds and its deeper functionality, but can the Space take the crown? Yeah, it’s just the hands on control really, being able to tweak length and feedback simultaneously on a delay, for example, though I thnk you can macro a few parameters to the “hot knob” (oo-er) control. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the synthesizers community, Obsessed with synthesizers: hardware & software, Press J to jump to the feed. Gary Walker pits two established heavyweights against a new challenger from Empress. Only significant feature difference is that you can manage your Space presets & parameters with Eventide’s app via its USB connection. Who cares about build quality if you prefer the sound of one?

Like can you clock the reverb/delay in some way? Also LEM (author of cool sound packs for monomachine and rytm) told me that he had Space earlier but he sold it to buy BigSky and he is happy with Strymon now. The accepted wisdom that this is a pedal only for ‘artificial’ sounds beloved of offset-toting hipsters is short-sighted – it does ‘traditional’ very well, too.

• PRICE £479 On the Big Sky, you can see what reverb the preset is based on because of the green light. 2 Likes. That said, between space and big sky I'd pick the space every time. They have released two new pretty great algorithms since I purchased mine, which you get for free with the Max model. i have not played with the bigsky but i do own and love my space.

Reverb is hard I guess? Both are very good… I went with the Strymon because the workflow felt a lot more intuitive to me. If anyone's used both, what are some key differences? It's fuckin' wild. • DIMENSIONS 171x130x44.5mm

With the decay and mix up above noon, it’s a big, natural-sounding splashy spring. As far as I know, the H9 only has a few reverb modes where the Space has a dozen. But Eventide Space is also great reverb.

Eventide Space vs. Strymon Big Sky. ), but also spring tension, tremolo speed and interval and resonance controls – Eventide’s attention to detail is staggering.

Really it just comes down to if you want pristine angelic clarity get the Big Sky, if you want dark grody coldness the Space. I've got a Big Sky and I love it, but the Eventide is also a legendary pedal. I’ve heard many compelling arguments for the other side, but I always go back to the strymon. I got a BigSky mostly by going on the r/synthesizers hype it got (I needed some reverb for live use, might as well get one people are raving about). I love the freeze-button though.. A few weeks ago, I met an electric violinist who told me about the Eventide Space reverb pedal she was using for live performances. • CONTROLS Mix, Decay, Size, Delay, EQ Low & High, Preset, Xnob, Ynob, FxMix, Contour; Active, HotSwitch & Type switches I ended up buying the SPACE … and I guess because I saw a lot of great techno artists using it (and never saw the bigsky on stage). The learning curve, however, is as steep as the manual is vast. The first impression was pretty good, but after some research online, I discovered that there were more people who were raving on about Strymon Big Sky and other websites doing head to head reviews on these two top-class reverbs. Where the simple layout of the Empress loses points is due to the lack of a digital display. u/Timrista. Didn't know about that one, only the Biscuit. However, with only controls for the Sparkle level and length, the pitch-shifting options offered by the Empress are fewer than on the BigSky or Space. There’s control over the pre-delay time and early reflection level, and it sounds clear and present. • MODES Room, Hall, Spring, Plate, Swell, Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Nonlinear, Reflections Personally, the big sky is closer to my sound I like. • DESCRIPTION Digital reverb pedal with 12 algorithms & 100 presets, including artist selections; tap tempo and MIDI clock sync/generate; USB port; true or buffered bypass; powered by 9V DC adaptor.

Whatever your heart choses, you’ll be happy : there is no bad choice. (Then eventually a good delay). What have you heard in preference to the Space?

By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. Compared to the Hot Rod’s onboard analogue spring reverb, in Dark mode the Empress sounds wetter and a little less defined. Any specific reasons for the preference, or is it the "it just sounds better" kind of thing? The Space’s operation is simpler still: the middle and right switches scroll up and down, and left selects the preset. Best sounding verbs I've ever used. The smallest of the trio, the Empress has 12 reverb types, each with sub-modes reached simply by turning the Mode dial – a small LED shines blue, red, yellow or green to indicate which setting is engaged. Into a decent clean valve amp with a good boost pedal and a smidgen of tape delay to rough things up a bit, it’s this reviewer’s Holy Grail tone.

The guitar player doing his utmost to revive the rockabilly sound, he’s already being touted by his peers as the next titan of the Telecaster and now counts Jimmie Vaughan as a label mate. Tried them both yesterday with my Dark Trinity (using the OT as a mixer, with BigSky and Timeline in series connected to the Cue Out, and sending AR -> A4 -> Cue Out)… Wow. • CONTACT Source Distribution, 020 8962 5080. Empress Reverb key features 23rd October 2016 #1.

1 2 > Reply OPTIONS. The August 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! In this mode, all three pedals do a great job of creating massive ambient washes for tremolo picking with the Decay cranked and a helping of external fuzz, with the Empress and BigSky sounding slightly wider and more lush. Nice. I can imagine that the Space sounds amazing as an effect for synths, and for specific studio recordings, but I think Big Sky is just an amplified musician's dream to play live with. I think I’m all good on synths right now. They are both awesome; both would be an awesome addition. Own both, both sound different, both sound amazing, demo them but you can really go wrong with either, Another +1 for Valhalla sounding amazing too. I haven’t used the Strymon, but all the various threads I’ve seen basically say the same thing: Strymon is better at “natural” sounding reverb, Space is capable of more “out there” sounds. Ambient Swell offers two modes – Triggered Swell, where the note is faded in, in relation to the attack of your picking, and Gate Swell With Octave. Eric J ️. I bought BigSky. • DIMENSIONS 144x95x44mm But I just came across the Space so it's delayed the decision yet again. Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay - in Depth Demo - Duration: 21:43. I’ve owned both and prefer the Space by far. Both are tremendous though. Just click “buy” on either. Led by electrical engineer Steve Bragg, Canadian brand Empress Effects launched its simply titled Reverb pedal last year, with 24 algorithms, vivid sounds and simple usability. My Studio. Pallo was a long-standing member of the Les Paul Trio. With a long career involving unpredictable twists, turns and collaborations Paul Simon is one of the most successful songwriters of the last 60 years. The lack of a screen is a disadvantage when dialling in delay speeds, but the Blendable Delay mode has that covered, with the Select switch doubling as a tap tempo. I very much prefer the sound of the BigSky, and from what I've seen of both, offers much more functionality compared to the Space. The big sky is great but you'll sound like everyone else. I'd say demo them and pick the one you like the best! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the synthesizers community, Obsessed with synthesizers: hardware & software, Press J to jump to the feed.

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