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Note: Births in table don't add up, because Hispanics are counted both by their ethnicity and by their race, giving a higher overall number. In the 2004 presidential election, George W. Bush won his second-largest victory, with 69% of the vote. Their stadiums in Laramie are about 7,200 feet (2,200 m) above sea level, the highest in NCAA Division I. The same report counted 59,247 Evangelical Protestants (10.5%), 36,539 Mainline Protestants (6.5%), 785 Eastern Orthodox Christians; 281 Black Protestants, as well as 65,000 adhering to other traditions and 340,552 not claiming any tradition.[58]. U.S. 287 continues north of Yellowstone, but the two sections are separated by the national park. Wyoming license plates have a number on the left that indicates the county where the vehicle is registered, ranked by an earlier census. Interstate 25 enters the state south of Cheyenne and runs north, intersecting Interstate 80 immediately west of Cheyenne. [6] The state capital and the most populous city is Cheyenne, which had an estimated population of 63,957 in 2018.[7]. Bridger also explored Yellowstone and filed reports on the region that, like those of Colter, were largely regarded as tall tales at the time.

Nearly all of Yellowstone National Park lies within the far northwestern borders of Wyoming. The main agricultural commodities produced in Wyoming include livestock (beef), hay, sugar beets, grain (wheat and barley), and wool.

[28] Unlike mineral-rich Colorado, Wyoming lacked significant deposits of gold and silver, as well as Colorado's subsequent population boom. In 1972, an amendment to Article 5 of the Wyoming Constitution, which incorporated a modified version of the plan, was adopted by the voters.

2010 and 2019 population of incorporated places in the boundaries of 2019. Cloud Peak Energy in Gillette and U.S. Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: USEG) in Riverton are Wyoming's only publicly traded companies. Wyoming is unusual in that it does not have an intermediate appellate court, like most states. [73] Wyoming state and local governments in fiscal year 2007 collected $2.242 billion in taxes, levies, and royalties from the oil and gas industry. Homes.com | © 2019 Dominion Enterprises. All Rights Reserved, © 2019 Dominion Enterprises. [80], This article is about the U.S. state.

The most populous city is the capital city of Cheyenne, which has a population estimated to be over 63,000 as of 2017. [62] Wyoming's highest court is the Supreme Court of Wyoming, with five justices presiding over appeals from the state's lower courts. However, agriculture is still an essential part of Wyoming's culture and lifestyle. Laramie city. In addition, there are seven two-year community colleges spread throughout the state. The Wyoming State Liquor Association is the state's sole legal wholesale distributor of spirits, making it an alcoholic beverage control state. Wyoming is the US state, 50 th populous and smallest state by population of 50 United States, 10 th extensive with density of 2.26 inhabitants per km 2.Cheyenne is capital and largest city of Wyoming state spread in the area of 65 km2 and population of 62,448 with the density of 957 inhabitants per km 2 located in the Laramie County. 55,316. Republicans are no less dominant at the state level. The state's highest recorded temperature is 114 °F (46 °C) at Basin on July 12, 1900 and the lowest recorded temperature is −66 °F (−54 °C) at Riverside on February 9, 1933. Before 1972, Wyoming judges were selected by popular vote on a nonpartisan ballot. This led to the creation of Yellowstone National Park, which became the world's first national park in 1872. U.S. U.S. Route 287 carries traffic from Fort Collins, Colorado into Laramie, Wyoming through a pass between the Laramie Mountains and the Medicine Bow Mountains, merges with US 30 and I-80 until it reaches Rawlins, where it continues north, passing Lander. Thunderstorm activity in the state is highest during the late spring and early summer. [31] Due to its civil-rights history, one of Wyoming's state nicknames is "The Equality State", and the official state motto is "Equal Rights". They have held a majority in the state senate continuously since 1936 and in the state house since 1964.

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